Your 2022 Teacher Characters!

The people have spoken! Democracy works!

Jon Livingston, Advisor

Over 1,000 Nitro students voted! Here are your 2022 GHS Teacher Characters!

Most Dramatic

Ms. Bedrousi


Most Creative

Ms. Bedrousi

Most Chill

Ms. Carbajal 

Most Challenging

Ms. Ciotti

Most Likely to Have Been on Homecoming Court

Mr. Whithorne

Best Classroom

Mr. Gebeshian

Most Sarcastic

Ms. Sukazian

Most Organized

Ms. Arsenian 

Most Inspirational

Ms. Cuevas

Most Relatable

Ms. Postajian

Most Spirited

Mr. Livingston

Most Considerate

Ms. Keefer


Mr. O’Malley

(Note: It’s hard to tell because of the masks, but all of the students in this photo are laughing. Froggy hats are hysterical. It’s science.)

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day

Ms. Cuevas

Most Caffeinated 

Ms. Clark-Reed

Best Hair

Mr. O’Malley

Most Athletic

Mr. Belou

Most Underappreciated

Mr. Gao

Best Dressed

Ms. Palmer

Most Honest

Ms. Cuevas

Most Likely to Have Been a Straight-A Student

Mr. Gao

Most Likely to Be Mistaken for a Student

Ms. Castaneda

Most Serious

Mr. Belou

Thank you to all of these amazing teachers for their help with this project! Our Nitro students appreciate all that you do for them!

Thank you also to ALL of our teachers, administrators, counselors, and staff, who do their jobs with heart and integrity! Glendale High School is the best school in the District because of you!

Finally, thank you to Explosion staff writers, Isabel Nourian and Anahit Sargsyan, for taking all these great photos! Please click on their links and read all of their terrific articles!