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  • November 2Girls varsity volleyball beats Moorpark, 3-0, to claim CIF SS Division 6 Championship!
  • September 13Dr. Lynette Ohanian named GHS Principal! Her previous AP position will be filled by Ms. Jessica De La O!
The News Website for Glendale High School


The News Website for Glendale High School


A Jon of All Trades

Mr. Livingston takes on new challenges this year at GHS

Jon Livingston, born in Glendale, is a teacher at Glendale High School. He had an intriguing journey to get to the place he is now. Even though Mr. Livingston grew up in Sunland and went to high school in Burbank, he would spend a lot of time hanging out in Glendale. He remembers shooting pool with his friends at a billiard room on the corner of Los Feliz and San Fernando, which is now a Dollar King. After high school, Mr. Livingston went on to UCLA and graduated with the Class of 1999.

Mr. Livingston was not always dedicated to being a teacher. He liked to explore different things, so he tried out the TV show industry. After spending a year at The Martin Short Show as a production assistant, Mr. Livingston figured out that it was not his thing, and it was time to move on and find something that would suit him better.  

Due to the fact that Mr. Livingston’s dad was the principal at GHS, he had heard that Daily High School was in need of an English teacher; therefore, Mr. Livingston went to try it out. “At first it was tough and it felt like I did not know what I was doing,” he remembers. However, everything worked out fine as he went on to work there for nine years.

Unfortunately, Mr. Livingston got cut from the Daily staff due to class-size reduction, so it was now time to continue the legacy of his father’s good name at GHS. At first, he felt a little discomfort, since the classes at GHS were double the size of the ones he had at Daily. It was like a setback for him, since now he had to come up with a different strategy to teach effectively.

With all of the hindrances he faced during his teaching career, Mr. Livingston overcame them and is now one of the most important decision-making personnel at our school. He might be referred to as a “Jack of all trades,” because not only does he take care of the administrative activities in ASB, but he also teaches English, Journalism, and Yearbook. 

Outside of school Mr. Livingston has several hobbies. He likes reading, playing video games, and watching movies, but most of all, he loves hanging out with his wife and son. 

With this year being his first for teaching Journalism, Mr. Livingston is really excited about the program and how it is unfolding so far.  He is “very proud of how hard the students have been working in order to make our website famous.”  Due to the fact that he also teaches Yearbook, he hopes the two classes can coordinate with each other and work together effectively.  

Mr. Livingston feels like the coronavirus has changed our lives drastically, and we are doing stuff that no one would ever imagine we would.  But according to him, you just have to adjust and get used to life as it progresses throughout the years. Although Mr. Livingston is hopeful that we are going to return to school this year, he is not optimistic due to the sudden strike in new cases. But overall, Mr. Livingston assures us that “we are going to be all right.”

About the Contributor
Levon Khalafyan
Levon Khalafyan, Staff Writer
Levon is a senior at Glendale High School.  He enjoys reading detective fiction books, watching Netflix, and playing sports.
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