GHS Protests Against Gun Violence

Nitro students organize protest after school shooting in Texas


On May 24, 2022 a gunman opened fire in Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, killing 19 children and 2 teachers. After waiting outside for over 40 minutes, the tactical units entered the classroom and killed the shooter. It was determined that the AR-15 style rifle that the shooter used was bought legally.  

Children, teens, and adults lose their lives to mass shootings that happen every year across the US. Each of these tragedies sparks a protest–the urge to change gun laws and the desire to prevent events like this from ever happening again.

This time, students around the country staged walkouts, calling for more action to stop gun violence. On May 26, Glendale High School joined that effort, after dozens of students walked out during 3rd Period and drew a massive crowd of students. They continued protesting in the quad for over an hour.

The protests were largely welcomed, with only a few students who ridiculed them, believing that nothing can be done to stop gun violence at schools. Even GHS principal, Dr. Benjamin Wolf, joined students in the initial phase of the protest.

Junior Nevaeh Zuck wants people to know that “this tragedy isn’t a joke”. She said, “Even though it seems like it could never happen to us, the fact is [that] it can. We need to take action and stop laughing at the ones who do.”

“Stricter gun control laws are the first step,” said Tyler Braggins, a GHS junior. “It shouldn’t be my job, or any student’s job, to have to think about issues like this. We should be learning, not fearing for our lives.” 

Tyler believes that donations may be the first step. “Our plan is to create a charity called Robbed Promise,” he said. “The promise of young people has been robbed by school shootings, and other instances of violence, and we want to do everything we can to make it easier for parents in these troubling times.”

(Photography by Caitlin Jane Calica, Mr. Chad Horton, and Ms. Sarah Morrison)