Meet our 2022 Poetry Out Loud Winners!

The annual event was held on December 14th in Room 180

Jon Livingston, Advisor

Thank you to this year’s Poetry Out Loud participants: Erin Freeman, Hasmik Tumasyan, Zhanna Karapetyan, Ariga Safaryans, Leah Gaddes, Emma Dewan, Leora Freeman, Syuzan Kostanyan, Breanna Cuellar, Justin Trinh, Tyler Braggins, Hiroki Roberts, and Urara Araki.  (Not pictured:Layla Whitley)

Congratulations also to our three 2022 Poetry Out Loud winners (all sophomores): Hasmik Tumasyan, Leah Gaddes, and Emma Dewan!

Hasmik, Leah and Emma will now compete at the District level on January 10th!

We are so proud of our amazing Nitro reciters! Good luck to our three winners at the next level!

Thank you to Ms. Holly Ciotti for managing and organizing this event, and thanks also to our Poetry Out Loud judges: Ms. Sona Postajian, Ms. Wendy Alvarado, Ms. Charlotte Sassounian and Mr. Peter Gebeshian!