Not-to-Be-Missed Christmas Movies!

These are the movies that you’ll want to watch under a blanket with a warm cup of hot chocolate!


Araksya Harutyunyan, Staff Writer

When it comes to Christmas, most families always love doing something fun! There’s just something about the holidays that makes you want to experience some of that Christmas joy. 

For that reason, one of the best aspects of the season are the movies you share with your loved ones. No matter the occasion, it is so nice to sit, along with your friends and family, and watch a couple of Christmas movies during the holidays. 

Here is a list of some of the more recent Netflix Christmas movies that you will not want to miss:

A California Christmas 

This is such a wonderful movie, featuring young actors Lauren Swickard and Josh Swickard. The movie is about a farm girl, named Callie, and her mother, who is sick with cancer, and they are having difficulties paying for her medications. 

A young man named Joseph is potentially trying to help his mother with her business, so he visits Callie’s property undercover as a farmer, in the hopes of getting Callie fall in love with him. Later on, he plans to help his mother and buy Callie’s land. 

But of course, life has different plans for him. Joseph actually falls in love with Callie, and that is when everything gets more interesting and kind of hurtful. 

One of the interesting facts that I found out after watching the movie is that the main characters are actually married in real life. They also have a really cute baby girl. 

Overall, this is a very interesting movie about life’s surprises and the mistakes that people make. However, in the end it also shows us that no matter what happens, kindness will always win. 


This is a movie about a woman and a man who are both strangers. Both of them are alone, and they don’t have a date to go to any parties or family cookouts during the Christmas holidays. 

Both of their parents and relatives continuously talk to them about how they need to get a partner and start enjoying their life with someone that they love. 

While the couple continuously keeps meeting each other in random places throughout the city, one day they decide to create a fake relationship together that will last them a year. After that time, they will stop talking to each other and start focusing on their goals, like they were doing before. A lot of stuff goes during that one year, and what happens later is the best part of this movie. Don’t miss it!

A Bad Moms Christmas

Being a mom is one of the hardest responsibilities that women can have. Although they love their children more than anything in this world, it is still a very hard task for any woman to take on. 

A Bad Moms Christmas is about all moms and what their children want the most. It comments on the beautiful world of motherhood and also the struggles that some might face along the way. It is always a pleasure to feel loved, especially when it’s a mother’s love. 

This movie includes truly hysterical moments, which are the best parts of this movie. I’d suggest you make time and watch this movie with your family, and don’t forget to tell your mom to be there, too.

Dash and Lily

In a world full of mysteries, a lot of people have different love stories. As mysterious and interesting as it seems, Dash and Lily met each other through a book in a library. They randomly keep picking up a certain book, and they both write inside about what is going on in their lives at certain periods of time. Eventually, they actually meet each other. 

And of course, this relationship includes a lot of coincidences, such as the way they meet. A lot of hardships also come their way, and that is when they need good advice from their friends. That is why you need to pick their friends wisely, so that you will always get the best advice and always have support. 

Dash and Lily is such an incredible Christmas movie, filled with a lot of holiday spirit and the magic that comes with it. I suggest everyone watch this movie at least once in their life. 

A Christmas Prince

An undercover journalist named Eve goes into the palace of the prince of Aldovia, but she ends up falling in love with the prince. Her main goal is to get an exclusive interview from Prince Richard, who has been accused of trying to abandon his claim to the throne in order to get back to his playboy ways. 

Unfortunately, after Eve enters the palace, things turn upside-down. Although she finds the answers to all of her questions, she still can’t resist the prince. 

This movie really shows the importance of truth and how sometimes people can make up false rumors and then turn them into reality. Misinformation can ruin people’s lives, and it may just put a dark hole in their hearts. However, everything has an ending and having the love of your life to celebrate Christmas with is all that matters to some people. 

A Christmas Prince is one of those fantasy movies that is also based on reality, and I suggest you watch this during the holidays as well.

All of these Netflix movies will help make your holiday a little bit merrier, and I suggest that you all watch them during the holidays, along with your significant other, your family members or even with your distant relatives. I hope that you all have a Happy Holidays!