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The News Website for Glendale High School


Cheese Fries: In-N-Out vs. Hot Wings Cafe

Which option is better for cheesy fry goodness?
These are the cheese fries from In-N-Out. Please note the total cheese coverage.

In-N-Out and Hot Wings Cafe are both popular food locations, with so many customers and good reviews. They both have one thing in common which people love to buy: cheese fries. 

Most people never think about comparing those two and seeing which option is better. Many people do not even know about the cheese fries at these two restaurants. When others talk about them, some people say, “What?! In-N-Out and Hot Wings Cafe have cheese fries?!” 

Well, yes, indeed they do. 

In-N-Out has three styles of fries: regular fries, animal fries (which includes cheese on top with fried onions), and simple cheese fries. Most people do not know about the cheese fries at Hot Wings Cafe, because when people say, “Hot Wings Cafe”, they only think about the wings. 

Because I am obsessed with food, I will be reviewing the cheese fries for all of you, and I will make a final determination on which one is better. 

In-N-Out, is one of the most popular fast food restaurants in Los Angeles. They are known for their delicious burgers and also their shakes. Sometimes, you can crave cheese fries, but what makes you want them? For most people, me included, the taste and the look of the food are the best determining factors. 

In-N-Out cheese fries are shipped directly from the farm. They are individually cut and are fried in sunflower oil. After they are fried, they are topped with yellow, melty American cheese. Then, they are served with a fork, or you can just eat them with your hands. (But, don’t forget to wash your hands before eating the fries!). 

The cheese fries from Hot Wings Cafe. You may be asking yourself when they are going add the cheese. I was wondering the same thing.

Then, we have Hot Wings Cafe’s cheese fries. You usually go to Hot Wings Cafe to eat some tasty, hot wings. But, suddenly you see cheese fries on the menu! 

But, again, what makes you order them? I only ordered them so that I could compare them with the ones from In-N-Out. 

The cheese fries at Hot Wings Cafe are golden brown curly fries, and they also come with American yellow, melty cheese on top. 

In-N-Out’s cheese fries, on the other hand, come in a packaging with the In-N-Out logo on it. They are the same size as the regular fries and the animal fries. 

When you open the box you see the fresh, hot fries with the melted cheese all over. When you eat In-N-Out’s cheese fries, you can actually taste the American cheese, and the fries are not that salty. They come with a pack of salt, so if anyone needs more salt, they can put it on. 

By contrast, Hot Wings Cafe’s cheese fries just come with just a regular, white to-go box. You open the box and see so many curly fries. But the cheese is covering only half of the fries and some of the fries do not have cheese on them at all. They’re just regular curly fries. They look fun and tasty, but you can’t taste the cheese. It feels like you are eating just fries. Also, the fries are much saltier than the ones from In-N-Out. 

In the end, In-N-Out’s cheese fries are simply better than those found at Hot Wings Cafes, because In-N-Out’s cheese fries just look and taste better. Also, In-N-Out is one of the most popular fast food restaurants on earth, and everything on their menu is delicious. 

Hot Wings Cafe’s cheese fries are just okay. The fries are just too salty and they don’t give you enough cheese. However, Hot Wings Cafe earns some points by giving us more fries than In-N-Out. 

In conclusion, In-N-Out’s cheese fries are the superior choice over the ones served at Hot Wings Cafe, so the next time you are there, make sure to give them a try! 

Also, if you liked reading this review comparing cheese fries, you might also like to know which chicken nugget is better. Enjoy!

About the Contributor
Linet Miankai
Linet Miankai, Staff Writer
Linet is a senior in Glendale High School. She is kinda boring (she is not) and she is not in any club or sport (BOO). Netflix, Disney+ , and her playlist hate her, because she is either watching movies or listening to music all day. You need to really know her to see her crazy side. She sometimes might be a weirdo but go off, I guess. People say she is popular at school, but if you ask her she will say that she is just well-known. Also, people know her as the weird-last-name-girl-that-nobody-can-pronounce.
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