The Dangerous Lies Behind Subway Surfers

Rumors that start on social media can be really harmful

The Dangerous Lies Behind Subway Surfers

Linet Miankai, Staff Writer

We all know the game Subway Surfers. If you don’t, then you are probably living under a rock. 

Subway Surfers was first released on May 24, 2012. It became so popular that almost everyone has played it at least once in their lifetime. It is a game where you choose your player, and then you go on a run, where there are many subways parked and you have to avoid hitting them. If you hit anything, the game is over and you have to start again. 

While running, the player collects coins, and with those coins, they can unlock or buy a new player, a skateboard, or another prize. A player can also find keys, which can help them during their run. When a player hits something and dies, they can have a second chance to continue running by using their keys. 

Some people have wondered about what the game is based on, or why it is called Subway Surfers. I personally thought about it today while hitting my high score. 

An online rumor came out and social media users were saying that the Subway Surfers game is based on a true story. The rumor said that the game was about the creator’s son having a tragic accident on train tracks while skating. 

However, this rumor is completely untrue.

Subway Surfers was actually created by a company in Denmark, called SYBO collaborating with the Kiloo company. SYBO was founded after its creators won an animation award for a movie they made in 2009. The concept of Subway Surfers came from that short film. 

Normally rumors like this one are harmless, but sometimes they can have deadly consequences. This can clearly be seen through the myths that people have shared online when the covid vaccine was first released. One rumor is that the vaccines are dangerous, because they were created so quickly. Another one states that covid vaccines can lead to serious medical consequences in the future. 

Unfortunately, many, many people still believe these rumors, especially adults. They will not let their family members get the vaccine because of these unsubstantiated myths. 

We need to not believe these rumors, because getting the vaccine is the best thing to do if we want our world to return to normal again. Instead of listening to the rumors and the fake news, we can all go and get the vaccine, follow the rules and keep our masks on.

Rumors sometimes start because a person wants their post to go viral on social media. They make up things that can at first seem really believable. These rumors spread when people believe the fake news, and then they tell it to their friends and others. 

People should think of better ways to go viral. They should not spread rumors that can be dangerous to people’s health, and they can even end some people’s careers. Rumors can also create conflicts between people. Just making up fake news about a celebrity can be really dangerous. 

Instead of rumors, you should only post information that is smart, funny or positive, something that can brighten people’s day or make them laugh. If you want to post something, and you are not sure if it is true or not, you should do your research before posting it. You should always ask yourself if what you are posting is true, accurate, and positive!

And if you think that rumors are dangerous, you should also read about how TikTok can be dangerous as well. Please keep it positive out there, Nitros!