Outdoor Homecoming Rally a Success, Despite the Heat

The Tangled-themed rally was held on the football field for the first time in ten years


Our GHS cheerleaders at the 2021 Homecoming Rally

Diana Khachatryan, Staff Writer

Even Rapunzel’s magical hair couldn’t control unexpected warm weather, as Glendale High School observed their first Spirit Week of the school year, starting on October 25th, in honor of the Homecoming Game, which was played on October 29th. 

Spirit Week at GHS also included the first rally of the year, the Homecoming Rally, on Thursday, October 28th. This year, it was held on the football field,  and the theme for the rally was the Disney movie, Tangled

The Homecoming Rally is meant to celebrate the football team before they play their last game against the Tornados of Herbert Hoover High School. It also highlights the dance/drill and cheerleading teams, as they perform the dances and cheers that they have been practicing for months.

This was the first time that GHS had held a rally on the football field since 2011, because our rallies have traditionally been held in the gym. Due to reasons related to COVID-19, having the rally outdoors was a better and safer option. Unfortunately, the weather at the time of the rally was over 91 degrees Fahrenheit, which caused the rally to be cut short because of the heat. 

This was also the first time in a decade that the whole school attended the same rally. In previous years, there were two separate back-to-back sessions held, in order to accomodate the entire school population. 

The Junior Class Council did its best to pump up the crowd.

ASB Director of Rallies, Melinda Khechumyan, liked that everybody came to the same rally, but described it as “harder,” because people wanted to leave due to the heat. She also noted that it was hard to hear the people talking because of issues with the speakers and microphone. 

Melinda also thought that the organization process was a little more difficult this time. “We weren’t used to it,” she said, “and we had to come up with a new plan.” 

Melinda was also sorry to have to cut the rally short. “We didn’t get to do the famous ‘Do It’ cheer,” she said. “I would have liked to keep it as long as it was supposed to be. That’s the only reason I didn’t like having it on the field.”

GHS’ next rally will be the Spring Rally, on Thursday, March 10th. The theme is undecided as of right now, and it is not yet clear if this rally will be held on the football field again