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  • September 13Dr. Lynette Ohanian named GHS Principal! Her previous AP position will be filled by Ms. Jessica De La O!
  • August 30Ms. Bedrousi's daughter just did the cutest thing! OMG, you guys!
  • July 26Dr. Wolf takes principal position at San Marino High School. Ms. Sassounian named interim GHS principal.
  • April 28Mr. Whithorne does not actually own a horn. His name is a lie.
  • October 6Mr. Martinez is unbreakable. Half of his body is composed of metal.
  • October 6Ms. Clark-Reed is at Chipotle right now.
  • October 3Mr. O'Malley now has a full head of hair! (jk, he's still bald.)
  • September 17Mr. Kirkwood and Mr. Benkovich are the same person.
The News Website for Glendale High School


The News Website for Glendale High School


Koi No Yokan, Deftones

This alternative metal album really brings the love!

Koi No Yokan is an album by Deftones, and the title is a phrase in Japanese, which means “premonition of love”. It was released on November 12, 2012 by Reprise Records, and it sold over 65,000 copies in its first week of sales. This album is definitely something that I added to my Spotify right after I heard it, and I hope that you will, too.

Deftones is a seven-person alternative metal group that was formed in Sacramento California in 1988. Their second album Around the Fur was released 1997, and it gained chart status almost immediately. Koi No Yokan also made it onto the charts as #11.

“Rosemary” is a song they got pretty popular a few years ago. My perspective on this song is that it’s about two people, and the vocalist wants them to be together through every universe. He just wants this person to stay with him, and they are going through these different universes together. He’s describing it all as a kind of surreal experience. I see why this song is popular, because the instrumentals blend so well together, and the lyrics really make you feel something powerful.

The track called “Entombed” is definitely a love song. The singer is saying how he never wants to leave another person’s side. They care for this person so much that it’s actually overwhelming for them. They want to become this person’s safe space, no matter what. The instrumentals here do not overpower the vocals, which I feel like we don’t get enough of when it comes to rock artists like this.

The meaning behind the song “What Happened to You?” is pretty controversial. Honestly, when it comes to this track, it’s up to the listener to decide what it all means. Most people think it’s about a friend that got into an accident and suffered from a coma. This might be true, especially when you consider these lyrics: “40 years in the winds, I’ve played with you.” The band has also written multiple songs about this person.

The music on this album is great. I mean, when it comes to metal artists, sometimes it’s just a whole bunch of screaming, or the instruments drown out the lyrics. Something I like about Deftones is that they don’t do that. The balance of the music and the vocals is perfect, and one does not overpower the other.

All of the songs seem to fit into the album and its theme of love. The lyrics of every song correlates to a feeling of devotion to another person and the nostalgia you feel for the past. It reflects on the hope that we all have that one person will stay with us through it all. 

Everything blends together so well on this album. The lyrics genuinely do generate strong feelings. And all of the albums by Deftones make you feel this way.

Overall, Koi No Yokan is beautifully created, and the album title definitely fits the music so well. This album absolutely deserves to be listened to by more people. And if you like this album, you probably will enjoy their others, such as Saturday Night Wrists, Around the Fur, and Diamond Eyes.

About the Contributor
Jada Holmes-Williams, Reviews Editor
Jada Holmes-Williams is a sophomore at Glendale High School. She is on the GHS track team. Some of her hobbies include drawing, reading, and writing, and she also loves going on walks.
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