Liana Akopyan Wants to Change the Climate at GHS

Climate Club president believes that environment crises can be helped at the local level


Jada Holmes-Williams, Reviews Editor

Senior Liana Akopyan was born in Glendale, and she has been an involved student at Glendale High School all four years. Some of her hobbies include competitive dance, planning activities, tutoring elementary kids, and riding her bike along the beach. Liana is also the president and founder of the Climate Club at GHS.

Unfortunately, the Climate Club was not approved in time to be included at Club Rush in September. However, this did not stop Liana from creating the club and making it successful. “I have already had a lot of people interested in helping and learning about climate change,” she said. Also, Liana will further advertise her club by “making posters and putting them around campus.” 

Liana is very passionate about the issue of climate change, and she is also concerned for the animals affected by this crisis. “I have reached out to this organization, so [that] every time I fundraise I can donate to them and they clean up animal habitats,” she said. Liana also is planning on “donating supplies to the fire department,” in order to show her appreciation for their service in tackling wildfires.

One big reason that Liana created this club was that a lot of people just push aside climate change or ignore it. “My goal is to spread awareness about it,” she said. “I think it’s something that’s very overlooked, and it’s happening in the world.”

Liana also confirms there will be opportunities for club members to receive community service hours because they are going to “help clean up the campus and pick up trash.” During their club meetings, there will be environmental discussions, and they will also be raising money for donations.

“During the holiday season, I would be very happy if we had enough funds to make thank you baskets and send [them] to the fire department,” she said. Some additional club activities include school and city clean-ups. 

Other than being the president of the Climate Club, Liana has got a lot on her plate for her senior year. As the ASB Director of Activities, she was in charge of organizing the Homecoming Dance, which was held at Academy LA on November 5th, and she is coordinating with UCLA to hold three blood drives on campus over the course of the school year. Liana is also working at a law firm, and she is serving as vice president of the Best Buddies Club and as secretary for the AdoptA-Family Club. 

How does she manage all of this? 

“It’s all about time management and thinking about the bigger picture of what you’re doing,” Liana admits. One of her tips for relieving stress is “taking yourself out of situations that do not help you,” which everyone can agree is a very good idea.

After high school, Liana plans on exploring political science or criminology as a major at a four-year college. Liana eventually wants to be an attorney and open her own law office when she’s older. 

If you are interested in joining the Climate Club, please contact their advisor, Ms. Palmer, at [email protected]. Keep your focus on the future of the planet, Nitros!