Are you down for a little scandal in your life?


Samantha Bordey, Staff Writer

Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes does not miss!

Originally airing in 2012, political drama Scandal is quite the thriller. This ABC series centers on Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and her life as a media consultant, who protects the images of government officials. 

Scandal was recently repopularized through edits of the show on TikTok. So I wanted to see if the series is actually worth the hype. 

Long story short, it is. 

While there are a lot of political shows that you can stream right now, they don’t really have the drama that can be found on Scandal. Politics and love are both over-the-top drama genres, but this series never gets corny. 

The main “scandal” of this show is the affair between the two main characters. (I know right?!) This is obviously an overplayed plotline, but it’s definitely interesting to see the political aspects of it play out over the course of the show. 

The character of Olivia Pope is also very lovable. She’s funny and very opinionated, and she doesn’t allow anyone to belittle her. Washington’s performance here is definitely one of the best aspects of the series. 

The pilot episode also immediately hooks you in. Right off the bat, Olivia has to clear the name of the US President in a murder accusation. Murder always keeps everyone on the edge of their seat, am I right? Watching media consultants do their work is also very fascinating, and this show teaches you a lot about damage control.

The relationships between the actors is another reason to binge this show. In particular, Washington and Tony Goldwyn, as President Fitzgerald Grant, play off each other very well. As a viewer, I felt like I was interrupting them at times, because their chemistry is so natural. It’s a very entertaining watch, and even in real life, Washington and Goldwyn are very close friends. 

However, I will say that Scandal is a pretty time-consuming watch. But the twists and turns of the main storyline, along with the complexity of the characters, are all very addictive. 

You will especially not want to miss Season 2, because it just has the best plots and it kept my attention the longest. Throughout the progression of the show, I did get a little bored, but I still made it through all seven seasons, mostly because I was so invested in the characters.

You can tell this is a Shonda Rhimes show by the writing, and that is a huge compliment. I have yet to watch a Shondaland series that was not worth my time. 

Therefore, you should definitely watch Scandal on Hulu! And if you don’t like it, check out How to Get Away with Murder instead on Netflix! This is yet another Shonda Rhimes classic!