The Ideal of Beauty

There are many great nail salon options in our community


Araksya Harutyunyan, Staff Writer

As we all know, many people are into beauty. We’re into that industry a lot, because we love looking neat and nice at all times. Most of the time, in order for us to do a specific look or get a certain service done, we visit salons. 

Being a girl who is also into the beauty industry, I myself visit salons a lot. I think it is fair to say that I have visited almost all of our local nails salons. I love getting my nails done, and the most satisfying part for me is the process of it. I appreciate good nail service, but I am also someone who loves a nice environment and customer service. 

I currently live in Glendale and have visited a lot of nail salons nearby, ranking from the most luxurious ones to regular nail salons. And of course, some salons are better than others, and cost does not always dictate the quality of the experience. 

While visiting a nail salon, I expect to get an excellent manicure and pedicure service done by a certified nail technician. I also expect to have all services done with sterilized tools and a clean environment. For me, and a lot of other people who usually visit nail salons, the cleanliness of the place might make a big difference, because it also indicates how good their service will be. 

I also hate the fact that some nail salons reuse their nail files too much, or they clearly do not replace their materials very often. Maybe financially it won’t be a good decision for them to change nail files for each client, but I’d rather pay more money and get the cleanest service possible. I think that a good manicure is worth the money, and I’d definitely pay a little more for the best. 

Talking about the prices, I don’t mean to say that you need to only visit overpriced nail salons. But you need to keep in mind that the cheaper it costs, the more unhygienic it might be in some scenarios. Getting your nails done might seem like a safe process, but even a little cut can turn into a disaster. I think that everybody might have a different overall opinion about these issues, and yet I think that it’s always good to look out for your health, even in a little manner like getting your nails done. 

There are a lot of great salons where they will do your nails, and many of them are not only specified for nail services but also for hair. Salons such as Yan’s Nail and Hair and Salon Salve are really good. However, my personal favorite is Sublime Beauty.

There are a lot of people who may say that these options are overpriced, but the service that you receive at these salons is the best. They are also really hygienic and work in the cleanest and safest ways possible. But again, I’d rather pay more and get my ideal manicure and pedicure done. 

Yan’s Nail and Hair is a good salon, because they give you exactly what you want for your manicure. They pay attention to details and make sure that all of their customers are getting the best experience possible. They are also neat while working. I’d also like to mention that this salon wouldn’t receive my highest rating, because the aura of the salon is not the best for me, but their work is perfect. 

Salon Salve, on the other hand, is an even better salon, because they are really neat and you get your service done nicely. They also provide really good customer service. I like the detailed service they provide and the clean environment they have created. I also like the quality and freshness of their polish. 

But by far, my favorite salon is Sublime Beauty. I absolutely adore their work because they make me feel the best I can possibly feel, while also getting the best service done. They also treat the customer well, have good communication, and provide hair and eyelash extension services that are the best ever. It is alway nice to get all of your beauty work done in one place and still receive great care from the most amazing staff. All people love this salon, and so do I!

Another thing that is also really important for some people is the pleasing aesthetics of some salons, which make them visit those salons constantly just for that one Instagram story. However, good service is better than a pleasing aesthetically-furnished salon, which may give you 1-star service with a nice green wall for you to take a picture with afterwards. 

Overall, I think that every person should go with what they think is the safest way for them to get their services done. And I think that we all have our own little ideal of beauty. 

Stay beautiful, Nitros!