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Blonde, Frank Ocean

The R&B legend shows off his amazing songwriting skills in this classic from 2016

The album Blonde by Frank Ocean was released in 2016. The album features guest vocals from Andre 3000, Beyonce, and Kim Burell, and it was produced by Buddy Ross. This album can be found on Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify. This album is worth this listen, and it is really deep at some points.

This album deals with the concepts of falling in and out of love, self-love and hate, failed relationships, family, drugs, and depression. This is supposed to create the nuance that this is Ocean’s most vulnerable and personal album, and he is a very talented artist. 

His previous albums include Nostalgia, Ultra and Channel Orange. My expectations for Blonde were pretty high, because Frank Ocean is such a good songwriter, and those expectations were definitely met.

The lyrics on the album are pretty deep and have a lot of feeling in them. Ocean is a songwriter and a ghost writer, and that gives him so much experience that shows through in his music. He clearly reveals multiple messages of each song within the lyrics.

The songs on Blonde make me feel a bit sad but understood, and his music is extremely comforting. Frank’s voice is also very soft, which is soothing and goes well with his lyrics. His vocals are excellent, too. The instrumentals to all of his songs flow together well, and the transitions within the songs are brilliant.

The song “Ivy” is one that reflects on the love that Ocean used to have with this person, and he is now grown up and looking back on the relationship. This person who loved him caught him off guard, and he explains that he couldn’t see this person coming. This love seems to have ended on bad terms, but deep down the love they shared was good. I love the instrumentals for this song, and it all flows well with the lyrics.

Next is “White Ferrari”, which has done some emotional damage to me. It feels so heartbreaking, like Ocean is saying how his love is everlasting for this person. Even though they may not talk anymore, he will always be there and care for that person, and their memories cannot be erased. The lyrics spoke to me a lot, and I love the vocals on this song. Again, his instrumentals are right on point, as they are not too overwhelming or underwhelming; they create a perfect balance.

A lot of people also like the song “Nights” because of the transition and how it has multiple vibes in each part of the song. This song starts off with high energy, and it slowly calms down as it progresses. I love how Ocean openly states his opinion but in a way that it all blends together.

Overall, Frank Ocean is an excellent singer and songwriter. Each song on Blonde really means something. Frank has also been a part of Odd Future, so you should check them out, as well. And again, Frank Ocean’s music can be found on almost all platforms.

About the Contributor
Jada Holmes-Williams
Jada Holmes-Williams, Reviews Editor
Jada Holmes-Williams is a sophomore at Glendale High School. She is on the GHS track team. Some of her hobbies include drawing, reading, and writing, and she also loves going on walks.
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