GHS Varsity Basketball Has Mixed Results vs. Burroughs

Nitro boys basketball takes the win against the Bears, while girls basketball falls short

On Tuesday, December 7th, the GHS girls and boys varsity basketball teams played at home against the Bears of John Burroughs High School. Both teams played an intense game and our boys squad defeated Burroughs, with a final score of 51 to 49. Our girls squad came up short by 12 points, with a final score of 47 to 59. 

Girls Varsity: 

The starting five included Sella Koshkerian (#1), Carmen Avedian (#5), Jane Bassil (#23), Cherilyn Legaspi (#15) and Sarine Kaloghlian (#20). 

Our girls struggled in the first half of the game, and at one point, the Bears were in the lead by 30 points. Bassil scored the team’s first 4 points, by executing a free throw and a rebound. 

The second half got better, as our girls were able to narrow down the Bears’ lead. In the fourth quarter, Natalie Keshishyan (#10) scored four 3-point baskets and even took a steal, just before the game ended. 

Boys Varsity: 

The starting five were Mo Shareef (#0), Dior Pierre (#4), Jahir Ponciano (#12), Christian Pierre (#15), and Hovany Nazaretian (#24). 

The boys started the game strong and got an early lead. Shareef and Ponciano scored the teams first seven points, and by the second quarter, they were ahead by six. 

Throughout the night, both teams played neck-and-neck, and the scores were extremely close. In the second half, Haig Jivalagian (#21) led the teams to a tie at 37-37. With Shareef’s two 3-point shots, the boys carried the lead even further. 

After all the cheering from our boys’ victory, assistant coaches Brendon Norton and Natasha Belou, expressed that they were “happy for our team’s first league win”. As the season progresses, they want the boys to keep focusing on working together, while also making sure that “they are in the best position to be successful.” 

Overall, both of our Nitro basketball teams played extremely well until the end. If you’d like to find out more about the basketball teams’ successes, don’t miss their next home games against the Apaches of Arcadia High School on December 16th. 

Also, check out the GHS Sports Calendar to stay updated on all of our upcoming games.