GHS Football Comes Up Short Against Azusa

The late rally by our Nitro squad is not enough to beat the Aztecs


Coach Jacob Ochoa watches his team from the sidelines.

On Friday, October 1st, our GHS boys’ football team played its third home game against the Aztecs of Azusa High School. Our boys fell short by 10 points, with a final score of 32 to 22. 

Despite the team’s loss, they were able to score four touchdowns within the 3rd and 4th quarters. The dance/drill, cheer, and color guard teams, as well as marching band, also showed their full support to the boys. 

This is the first time that our football team has ever played against the Azusa Aztecs. Hours before the game, we interviewed one of the assistant coaches, Mr. Martinez. He expressed how he was feeling “super optimistic” about the game and how he was also excited to “see our players come together” for the win. 

The GHS marching band also played a stirring rendition of “Glendale Boys”, during their halftime performance. By the end of the 4th quarter, they also played a new song called “Industry Baby,” by Lil Nas X. The trombone musicians also showcased their “trombone suicides” act for the first time. The cheer team continued to offer shoutouts for one dollar, and our concession stands were open throughout the game. 

The energy and school spirit was again felt in full force in the stands. The outstanding attendance from the fans, and their cheers, must’ve surely boosted the spirits of our great players. On the field, one member of both the Azusa and GHS teams sustained injuries during the 4th quarter. Luckily, neither player was seriously hurt and were seen walking off the field.

All in all, this week’s game was a hot one, full of excitement and overall high spirits, despite our loss. There are two more home games left this season. The next one will be this Friday, October 8th at 7pm against Hueneme High School in Oxnard, and the final home game will be the Homecoming Game against Hoover on October 29th. Our Nitros are sure to secure another victory the more we keep up this positivity!