Street Racing Is the Great Shame of Glendale

We should stop street racing in Glendale before anyone else is killed!!


Chris Yarzab

A street racing accident on Brand Blvd.

Linet Miankai, Staff Writer

Street racing takes place on public streets and roads, and it is a type of illegal and unofficial motor racing. After 10pm, young teens street race in Glendale and Burbank. There have been a lot of accidents because of street racing, and many of these accidents have resulted in people getting killed. 

If you ask many teens about street racing, they may say that it’s fun for them, because they love driving fast and competing. They race because they want to show how fast their cars can go, and they love it when they win. 

However, street racing is so dangerous. A lot of horrific car accidents have happened in our community, and most of the people involved in those accidents have been Armenian boys. This street racing puts people’s lives in danger and makes our Armenian community look bad. 

Street racing results in many accidents and deaths. There have been over 150 thousand major accidents involving street racing, and street racing crashes are more likely to occur than other types of traffic accidents.

Back in August of this year, two teens were racing on Glenoaks Blvd, and one of the teen was charged with the killing of three young adults. According to investigators, one of the cars collided with a Volkswagen that was attempting to make a left turn, causing the victim’s’ vehicle to split in half and burst into flames. Three people died after being ejected from the burning wreckage. 

The 19-year-old street racer was driving a Kia and his 17-year-old competitor was driving a Mercedes-Benz. The driver of the Kia was an Armenian boy. He was seriously injured, and he was held on $6 million a bond following his arrest. 

Armenian boys love to show off their cars, but they do not always think about their lives or the lives of others. For them, rules are meant to be broken.

Overall, these street racing accidents that have happened, and are continuing to happen, are harming the Armenian community. Other people think that this is how Armenians are, and this is how they act. Whenever there is an accident because of street racing, people already assume their minds that it was because of a young Armenian, even if no Armenians were involved.  

Another way that street racing is harming the Armenian community is that people are distracted from seeing the true side of Armenian people. Others think that Armenians don’t think about others’ lives and that they just speed and race on the street just to show off their cars.

Again, street racing is so dangerous and illegal. It had killed many innocent people. We should punish the people who are involved in street racing, so that others will see the consequences of these selfish actions. Another thing that the police department should do is to install more cameras on surface streets in order to catch more people on the spot.

These changes will hopefully make our city a safer place and innocent people will not be killed. However, the Armenian community (including our Armenian men and fathers) should all come together and say “enough is enough”. Otherwise, street racing will continue to be a stain on our city and a serious problem for everyone.