Club Rush Returns to GHS

Diana Khachatryan, Staff Writer

Last Thursday and Wednesday during lunch, we had our annual Club Rush at Glendale High School. It took place in the quad, and there were several club presidents with stands and posters promoting their clubs. This was the chance for all Nitros to sign up for the clubs that interest them. 

ASB Director of Clubs, Lauren Hession, is also president of the Red Cross Club, and she serves as vice president of the Book Club and National Honor Society. To prepare for Club Rush, Lauren assisted the presidents of some of the participating clubs by hosting two meetings. She also mentioned that the first day of Club Rush felt very crowded, so to prevent that for Thursday, she helped “redesign the layout of the tables.”

Lauren was extremely excited to be having Club Rush in person again, because she finds it to be a “great place to be” and has “good energy”. 

For students who are wanting to start a club, Lauren suggests to come by the ASB room and talk to Mr. Livingston for things that may involve finances, as a finance account would be needed for all approved clubs. 

Unfortunately, on Wednesday there was an attack perpetrated on the members of Pride Club, as some students did not agree with the beliefs and intentions of this club. Principal Dr. Benjamin Wolf sent out an email to all the students, parents, and staff of GHS, explaining that the event that took place does not represent the school accurately. He also mentioned that any acts of disrespect or hate are not tolerated at Glendale High School.

For those Nitros who missed the event, there will still be another chance to get involved with the clubs that interest you. Students can click HERE to access a Google Form to sign up for all available clubs.