Ms. Zakarian Turns Teaching into an Art Form

The former special education teacher is now an experienced art teacher at GHS


Araksya Harutyunyan, Staff Writer

Ms. Emma Zarkarian was born in the United States, in the city of Hollywood, and her family is from Armenia. Her hobbies include drawing and sketching in her sketchbook, and she also likes outdoor activities, such as hiking, going to the beach, and taking road trips to nice places. As of right now, she is one of the new art teachers at Glendale High School.

Ms. Zakarian has had a background in art since she was a kid, and she has continues to love it. She used to go to private art studios as a child, where she started to develop her art skills. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Art, with a concentration in Graphic Design and Illustration, from California State University, Northridge.

After receiving her degree, Ms. Zakarian did some freelance work, where she worked with specific clients, doing graphic design projects and creating logos. She has been doing that job for over 8 years now. Before coming to GHS, she had also worked as a substitute teacher at different schools, like in Los Angeles Unified School District.

Ms. Zakarian was not only subbing as an art teacher, but she would also take over a variety of classes, such as math, English, and social studies. She has also taught special education classes, because she has a lot of experience in that field, as a teacher and as an assistant.

Last semester, Ms. Zakarian was a student teacher at GHS, and her mentor was Mrs. Soseh Bedrousi. While working with Mrs. Bedrousi, she was informed that there was an open position for an art teacher at our site, and that is how she became interested in this position. As of right now, Ms. Zakarian loves her new classroom, her students and everything that has been provided to her from the District and also from our school.

Ms. Zakarian doesn’t have a lot of new close friends at school, but she is getting to know them. So far, all of her students have impressed her with their abilities, and she can only hope that she also meets her students’ expectations as well. She just plans to do her best and hopefully spark some creativity in everyone and get them interested in art.