Being Strict is Not Always the Right Answer

Does strict parenting do more harm than good?

Being Strict is Not Always the Right Answer

Haik Karageozyan, Staff Writer

Is strict parenting really what is best for children? 

On one side, people argue that strict parents, who use verbal and physical abuse, can lead children down a bad path, compared to parents who are more lenient. On the other hand, parents who are less permissive of their sons and daughters can increase a risk of bad activities that can happen in adolescence, including less discipline. However, the bottom line is that strict parenting does more harm than good.

A firm reason why strict parenting is counter-productive is because it causes stress to children. Forcing too many responsibilities and rules can cause adolescents to overwork themselves. This in turn can later lead to bad habits at a young age, such as smoking, drinking, and other activities. Teens and younger children should have a sense of freedom and not have to worry about too many responsibilities.

A lower self-esteem can also be a byproduct of strict parenting. Children with authoritative parents become more reliant on their parents. They are less expressive, due to the fact that they have to obey their parents and be quiet when they talk. It is harder for children to communicate with their guardians when they have to be very obedient all the time.

Lastly, it is also important to recognize that strict parenting can also cause rebellious behavior. At one point, a child is going to be sick of having to follow rules and understanding boundaries, to the point that they will fight back. This can lead to arguments and fights, or young people may do something that they will later regret in life. It can also affect their health and well-being, if the circumstances are not in their favor.

In society, parents should be more lenient towards their children and not be too assertive and controlling. They need to understand that forcing too many rules and responsibilities, without allowing their children to express their thoughts more often, can have a toll on them now and in the future. 

Instead, parents should build a healthy relationship so they can understand them better. They should also participate in fun activities so they can bond with each other. Making these changes can lead adolescents to healthier and happier lives.