The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

Little Hope is a mystery to be unraveled.


Haik Karageozyan, Staff Writer

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope is a game developed by Supermassive Games and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Some voice actors that star in the game are Pip Torrens, Will Poulter, and Alex Ivanovici. This game can be found in Best Buy, Target, and GameStop for PS4 or Xbox One. 

This horror game has an interesting story with virtual characters who come from different backgrounds. The choices each character makes provide a different outcome towards the game’s future events. Overall, this game gives a sense of freedom with the choices you can make, and it also provides excitement for the player because of spontaneous jump scares!

The game is a progressive story that begins with college students stranded somewhere after a bus crash. They search for answers by heading to a mysterious town called Little Hope. The obstacles that lie in front of them are a mysterious fog and a way to escape a reality of horror. Their journey increasingly gets more difficult as they are haunted by their past selves who are on the lookout for revenge.

One reason to play this game is the number of decisions you are allowed to make. There are many outcomes revealed through the different options available in the game’s various action occurrences. It gives you a freedom of choice and provides more content to the game. The options selected also affect relationships with other characters in the game, as well.

Another terrific aspect of the game is its story. The story is very interesting depending on what paths you take during the events that occur in the game. You can also replay the game over and over again to watch how the story plays out differently based on the alternative choice you make.

Lastly, this game has incredible voice acting. The characters’ voices match their looks, age, and personality. This feature of the game is very well thought-out and the actors’ performances make you care about what happens to them.

However, one drawback for this game is that it is not very terrifying. The game’s horrifying events are filled with expected jump scares half of the time. The game could have added scarier effects to fit a more ominous atmosphere.

Another reason to not recommend this game is its length. It is not very long, because with a little effort, the game can be finished in only a few hours. Other scarier games usually last a bit longer compared to Little Hope.

Overall, this game has an amazing story filled with many choices that can impact the future of the game. The characters all have interesting personalities that also affect relationships with other characters as well. Even though these are all great features added to the game, the one major downfall is the fact that it’s just not that scary. 

Everyone should experience this game, but they should not expect it to be better than an average horror game. If you want to experience a very frightening game, you might consider either Outlast or Silent Hill, as they are far more disturbing and scary.