Deadpool (Revisited)


Haik Karageozyan, Staff Writer

The movie Deadpool, directed by Tim Miller, stars Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller and many other notable characters in the supporting cast. The movie can be found on Hulu, YouTube, and Google Play, and it was originally released in theatres in 2016. I really enjoy watching this movie, because it is very comical and action-packed. 

The movie is about a mercenary named Wade Wilson, who has one ultimate goal, which is to get revenge. He is trying to kill the man, Francis Freeman, who turned him into a mutant who cannot be killed, named Deadpool, because he has lost his handsome looks. With the help of allies, Deadpool goes on a journey to hunt down Francis.

Deadpool is very comical with many subtle funny jokes. In one scene, it can be filled with a lot of action, and the next thing you know Deadpool will make a random joke. There are also other characters that deliver funny lines as well.

The movie also has a good amount of action scenes to balance out the creative and humorous personality of Deadpool. The scenes are very dramatic and intense at the same time. As you watch, it really keeps you on your toes.

Another thing I like about the movie is the character development and portrayal. When you first visualize the character of Deadpool, you see a crazy and funny character who will undoubtedly make you smile. As the movie progresses, Wade lets his appearance get in the way of his true love for Vanessa. After he finally sees her, Vanessa lets him know that she still loves him because of who he is.

Although there are many pros about the movie, there are also some issues. As you continue to watch the movie, you realize that some jokes are not as funny as intended. It can also get repetitive at times.

Another problem with the movie is the excessive violence. Although it is rated R, there are some exaggerated scenes that can be too much sometimes. The scenes that are included have violence that may influence others to recreate them and be injured.  

Overall, I really believe that you should take the time out of your day to watch this masterpiece of a movie. If you are looking for a classic comedy with a ton of action, you should definitely drop what you’re doing and watch Deadpool. After you finish watching the first one, and really enjoy it, you should also consider seeing Deadpool 2 because it is just as hilarious. Trust me: you won’t regret it!