Last Chance U: Basketball “Episodes 5-8”

Last Chance U: Basketball “Episodes 5-8”

Haik Karageozyan, Staff Writer

Last Chance U: Basketball is a Netflix documentary produced by Boardwalk Pictures. The documentary is very intriguing, because it tells the story of what a basketball program, including talented players, will do to win a state championship. Read my review of the first four episodes of the series here.

The fifth episode of the documentary mainly talks about the bond between the teammates and the chemistry they are building before the playoffs get ready to begin soon. In Episode 6, the playoffs are around the corner, so questions arise as to whether the team and environment they have created in ELACC will be successful, considering their previous playoff runs. They also face their first team in the playoffs and end up the victors, which was expected of them. 

Moving on to Episode 7, the team faces their first real playoff threat and ends up winning in a messy fashion, but the players get the job done. Lastly, Episode 8 comes to a sad conclusion, as the remainder of their season is canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout the episodes, the intensity starts to increase, because the playoffs are getting closer and closer. As you watch the episodes, the highlights and lowlights of the team are brought to your attention even more than before, because the whole season is on the line. If the team loses even one game, the season is as good as over.

The episodes also get increasingly funnier, because of the funny jokes and remarks the players make. The episodes are more light-hearted, compared to the first four episodes of the season, from what I have seen. There is also a funny scene during one of the episodes that was made into a meme.

Coach Mosely gives very motivational speeches that are inspiring to his players. These speeches are not only useful as motivation for his own players, but also for everyone who plays basketball and wants to make a future in that career. If people were to take their time and listen to his words, they can impact how they will approach real-life situations. The things he says can be life-changing and very beneficial.

When the season is cancelled in Episode 8, it leaves the viewers in suspense. We were expecting the season to end with ELACC winning it all, but an unfortunate turn of events ruins a perfect ending.

Every episode leading up to the final episode is good, until you realize that it will end the season unfinished. I was expecting to see a final game, where everyone celebrates after they win the tournament. Instead, the documentary ends in a sad and disheartening way. The journey for not only the viewers, but the players of the program, are left incomplete, and everyone ends up feeling bummed.

Overall, the last four episodes of Last Chance U are really an up-and-down experience. It starts off very well with high hopes for a great ending to the season, but there is an unfortunate ending to it. The journey through the playoffs is very entertaining and interesting, as the intensity of each game is rising. I still think you should take a chance on this Netflix documentary, because it is still really good!