Among Us


Haik Karageozyan, Staff Writer

The game Among Us was designed by Marcus Bromander and developed by InnerSloth. The game features unique little characters with a variety of different colors to choose from. The game is free on mobile and available for five dollars on Steam and Nintendo Switch. This game is a very fun multiplayer game to enjoy, because it is exciting and mysterious at the same time.

This game consists of two sides, which are crewmates and imposters. It is the crewmates’ job to find who the killers are, because the game ends after a certain number of characters are murdered. It is the imposter’s job to be as sneaky as possible when they are killing other characters, because there can be witnesses.

When you are an imposter, it is an amazing feeling, because for the most part you are viewed as a crewmate. You can choose what strategy to take on so that you don’t become revealed as the killer. You are hidden in plain sight with others, as people try to discover who the murderer is.

It is very fun communicating with friends during meetings. These meetings are called between rounds, after a body is found or new information comes to light. During this time, people discuss who may be the potential killer, so they can come to an agreement and vote someone out of the game.

The game also keeps you on your toes, as you never know who the mysterious murderer is. You can be busy doing objectives, when out of nowhere you get sliced in half by the imposter. It is very important to be aware of who is with you.

Although there are many pluses to this fun multiplayer game, there are also some minuses. It can get repetitive playing as a crewmate sometimes, because it can be very difficult to get chosen as an imposter. It is based on your luck and how many players there are in your lobby.

Another downside is that, as of now, there are only three maps available in the game. There would be a little more variety if there were more maps to choose from, because it can get a little repetitive and boring.

To wrap up this review, Among Us is a fun multiplayer game to experience with your friends. It involves strategies that you discover, combined with suspicious activities that can be uncovered. If you have not yet tried it, I suggest you take some time to do so, because it is free on the App Store. Trust me: it is worth your time!