Ergueen Herrera Is Here to Serve

Volleyball captain has grown to love the sport


Mari Avagyan, Staff Writer

Ergueen Herrera is a senior at Glendale High School. He was born in Chula Vista, California, and he moved from Mexico to California in 2010. 

Ergueen has just finished his last season as the captain of the GHS boys volleyball team. His family members have always played volleyball, so it was always around him when he was growing up. That’s what inspired him to start playing volleyball on our campus. 

At first, Ergueen felt that volleyball wasn’t really his thing, but now volleyball has become a big part of his life. He joined the team when he was a freshman, and he became a captain during his senior year.

Besides volleyball, Ergueen’s likes watching anime, and he also really enjoys cooking. However, he mainly sticks to playing volleyball, as he doesn’t really have an interest in any other sports. 

Ergueen gets the team ready on practice days by first doing exercises, like running and jumping, so that they can make sure that they have their basics down. Then they move on to more fundamental skills, like passing, setting and hitting. Then to end each practice, they make sure to stay competitive, so they play six-on-six for a majority of the time. 

Ergueen admits that he isn’t very vocal during games. “A common mistake I make while playing volleyball is that I don’t talk,” he said. “I am a very quiet person, even though I am the captain.”  

On the other hand, Ergueen really enjoys being a captain, because he gets the chance to help the other boys who have the same passion for volleyball as him. “It is really fun being a captain, because I get to help other guys out with leadership and [the] experience I have had over the four years,” he said. 

The hardest thing about being a captain for Ergueen is that sometimes he has to really raise his voice so that everyone can hear what he’s saying, and sometimes this is difficult for him. He also really tries hard to keep everyone on the team on the same page, because he doesn’t want anyone to fall behind. 

Ergueen feels that people should join the volleyball squad at GHS, because it is a fun team sport. It really helps people build trust in others, and they can also work on their communication skills. Volleyball really helped Ergueen during his freshman year, and it has further helped him to grow as a person. He has learned  some valuable lessons about life because of this sport. 

If you are interested in joining next year’s volleyball team, please contact Coach William Whiting at [email protected]. Get the ball over the net, Nitros!