GHS Cuts the Ribbon on New Fitness Center

The UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind program donates spin bikes and other equipment for the benefit of our Nitros

Samantha Bordey and Aniella Pieprzyca

On November 17, 2022, Glendale High School celebrated a generous donation made by UCLA. The UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind program has been donating exercise equipment to schools around the state, in order to “provide equitable access to physical education and wellness programs.” GHS now has a UCLA Health fitness studio, featuring thirty spin bikes, agility equipment, and sand weights. Many UCLA associates, along with GUSD board and staff members, came out to the GHS campus to celebrate this significant contribution to the physical health of our Nitro community.

GHS PE and Health department chair, Ms. Andrea Lewis, said that one’s physical health affects all other aspects of an individual, including their mental, social, and spiritual well-being. She remarked that the equipment that UCLA has donated “does not only target one body type”, but rather it “provides versatility that gives students cardio and strength training.” This donation will make a positive impact on GHS students.

Dr. Vivian Ekchian, GUSD superintendent, shouted out to our Nitro students for being caring, courageous, and hardworking. She believes that we are “the next generation of leaders,” not only in the city of Glendale, but also “in the state and in the country.” We will definitely use this new investment wisely.

Melinda Khechumyan, GHS ASB President and GUSD Student Board Representative, also showed her appreciation for this gesture. “This will inspire us to thrive and reach our full potential,” she said. Melinda believes that exercise is significant, not only to athletes, “but all the students here at Glendale.”  “This new opportunity will not only promote physical health, but also our mental health and wellness,” she said.

UCLA Health has provided students with a chance to love fitness as much as they do. Now all Glendale High students will have the opportunity to use the brand new UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind fitness studio! Stay healthy, Nitros!