Azerbaijan Violates Ceasefire Once Again

The betrayal of Azerbaijan against Armenia is a betrayal against us all


Angel Stepanyan, Staff Writer

On September 12, 2022 at 1:05pm PST Azerbaijan’s military attacked Armenia’s southern areas. They began intensive shooting with artillery and large-caliber guns towards the towns of Goris, Sotq and Jermuk. Armenians are saying that they are using drones and lots of other dangerous firearms. 

Homes are being targeted and people are telling everyone to take shelter instead of leaving their towns. Azeris are telling people that the shooting was a response to “provocations” and a “large-scale sabotage” by the Armenians. They also claim that the members of the Armenian Armed forces blasted mines in the Kelbajar and Lachin districts. But the Azeris are playing the victims to take over the whole of Armenia.

So far more than two hundred Armenian soldiers are confirmed to have been killed in action. Three civilians have also been injured, with one in severe condition. The official statistics show that 3,825 troops were lost by Armenia and Artsakh.

More and more innocent people are being killed and injured every day, and obviously, this is a true tragedy. The military of Azerbaijan keeps trying slowly to take everything away from the Armenian people, but no one is doing anything about it. The elected people of our country should stand up for their land instead of doing nothing. 

Armenia has appealed to the CSTO and to the United Nations Security Council for immediate action. Armenia’s Ministry of Defense confirmed that Azerbaijan ground troops are attempting to advance into the sovereign territory of Armenia. In what seemed to be a planned media campaign, pro-government sources in Azerbaijan proposed the establishment of a “buffer zone” along Armenia’s border with the country.

Armenia has been losing a lot of soldiers and many families are just devastated. There are so many young soldiers who had dreams, so many girlfriends who wanted families, and so many mothers who wanted grandchildren, but all they have to witness is death and loss. 

There have been cases where Azerbaijan soldiers have been spreading hope, by recording themselves helping wounded Armenian soldiers. However, after a couple days, the same Armenian soldiers were killed and the Azeri soldiers were holding their severed heads with big smiles of pride. 

Azeri forces have also killed and abused women, and done many other harmful acts. Knowing that those people have children, and that their children can’t see them anymore, is just heartbreaking. 

These wars, happening once every two years, are a kind of gradual genocide to slowly eliminate the Armenian people once and for all. But no matter how hard we fall, we always have strength and dignity. 

Overall, there need to be a lot of changes made, including better equipment and better resources for our soldiers. I feel like the Armenian people need so many things that the prime minister, Nikol Pashinyan, will not provide, and that is getting out of hand. He needs to negotiate with the leadership of Azerbaijan and come to another agreement. 

We cannot keep losing the future of our country. If you are interested in contributing to help those affected by these atrocities, please follow Veterans of Armenian on Instagram.