No Limit


Angel Stepanyan, Staff Writer

The movie No Limit, directed by David M. Rosenthal, is a French movie with dark, relationship drama. The main stars in the film are Camilie Rowe (as Roxana) and Sofiane Zermani (as Pascal). You can currently stream this film on Netflix. This is a really good movie, and I really enjoyed watching it. It just has a pretty rough ending. 

No Limit is about this woman who decides to take diving lessons and puts her life on pause. She starts to take diving really seriously and starts to fall in love with her diving instructor. He also starts to fall in love with her, but then they cheat on each other and try to sabotage their lives. Even though they love each other, they still want to hurt one another.

A good aspect of this movie is that all of the actors play their roles really well. I also think that they disappear into their characters. Throughout the whole movie, I was interested and couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next to Roxana and Pascal. There is a true chemistry between the actors, which makes the movie more interesting. 

It is also a really well-written script. However, something they could have improved in the movie is that they could have made it longer and not included such a sad ending. The conclusion made me really unhappy, because it includes the death of a character that the audience really loves. 

The plot of the movie is very interesting. I was always very curious about what was going to happen next. The movie has some interesting surprises throughout, but I am not satisfied with the ending. It is very surprising that it ends like that. I think that the actors are overall really good. 

This movie is laid out really well, because each scene isn’t too long. Every scene of this movie is also very necessary to the overall storyline, because it goes along with everything that comes before and afterwards. 

Overall this movie is definitely worth your time, and if you already have a Netflix account, you should check it out. The actors are amazing, but overall if you are into dark, relationship dramas, I would really recommend this movie for you. And if you enjoy No Limit you might also want to check out Last Breath and Pressure.