The Batman

A spoiler-free review of this latest incarnation of the Caped Crusader


Diego Guzman, Staff Writer

 The Batman, the most anticipated film yet to come out of the DC Universe, has finally been released. This version of Batman is unique compared to all the other Batman films, but does it hold up to the hype? 

This take on the Dark Knight, as played by Robert Pattinson, is different from the rest of the Batman filmography, because Bruce Wayne is a true detective in this movie. He faces the villain, named “The Riddler”, who gives him riddles and clues to uncover his plan. 

The Batman works with another detective named James Gordon, played by Jeffery Wright. They both begin working together after a crime is committed by the Riddler. He leaves a clue at the crime scene, and that is where the story begins. 

The Batman makes Gotham feel alive but in a horrible way, because it makes you feel that Gotham is a crappy place to live. It feels dirty and neglected by both the people and the police force. Bruce Wayne uses the Batman as a way to make a difference in the city, but he feels as if he might not make a dent in changing Gotham into a better place to live.  

Robert Pattinson overall does a phenomenal job as Batman. In this movie, he doesn’t refer to himself as Batman, but instead he considers himself to be Vengeance. One big difference from other Batman movies is Pattison’s performance of Bruce Wayne. In earlier films, Bruce Wayne is portrayed as a rich playboy, while in this film he is moodier and more emo.

Paul Dano, as The Riddler, also does an amazing job. He plays the villain as a psychopath who wants the city to know about its corrupt politicians and police officers. In the film, every time he murders a person, he leaves a birthday card for Batman with a riddle to solve. Batman must figure out the solutions to better understand his motives.Dano succeeds at creating a horrifying feeling for the audience.

The Batman feels real, and it is as if it could all actually happen in real life. Most of the film is crucial to developing its plot, and the characters evolve throughout the story. 

Overall, The Batman is the best DC movie to come out in a long time. The story, the acting and the cinematography are all phenomenal. This is one of the best movies ever made, one whose mood stays with you after the film is over. But remember to stick around for the end credits as well, as they feature a very fun reveal.