Is this VR experience worth your time?


Diego Guzman, Staff Writer

Boneworks is a virtual reality game that mainly focuses on physics. The game was made by Stress Level Zero, who have made other VR games, such as Duck Season and Hover Junkers. There is a story for Boneworks, but the developers of the game made it so you can choose not to listen to the story and just play around. Playing this game is such a surreal and amazing experience, that the game just pulls you in for more.

Boneworks starts off by asking for your height and then putting you in the main menu, which is something else, because the developers let you mess around and grab everything. All the items that you see in the game are fully interactable, making Boneworks a much more immersive experience. 

Boneworks has a tutorial to help you understand the game, but mostly you only learn about the setting of the game. My favorite part is that the developers made watermelons illegal, which is funny. 

The game starts with a cutscene of a character named Arthur Ford. He is hacking into a virtual reality world so that he can obtain immortality. It’s a very random plot, but the game mainly focuses on the gameplay.

Throughout this game, you will encounter several different enemies, including the NullBody, FordEarlyExit (a zombie), the Corrupted Nullbody, the Omniprojector and everyone’s least favorite, the Crablet. The reason everyone hates the Crablet is because it is inspired by the game Half-Life, and it tries to jump on your face and put you in another VR simulation. So it is basically VR inside a VR inside another VR.

Boneworks is also a sandbox game, just like Garry’s Mod. You can go into worlds, like Tuscany, and you can just mess around and do whatever you want. However, the game does have easter eggs to make the experience more interesting.

Overall, the best part of the game is not even the game itself; it’s the music. The music is phenomenal, because it matches with the scenery so well that it makes the game ten times better. 

At the beginning of the game, you hear the main theme song of the game, but after you finish the campaign, you go back to the main menu and hear this. This makes you feel like you have accomplished something. Every time I hear any song from the album, it feels so nostalgic.

All in all, Boneworks is a phenomenal experience for players in general. The game’s developers wanted this game to be inspirational for other developers to reach new heights for VR. Boneworks always gets better the longer you play through it, and it will one day be regarded as one of the greatest games of all time.