Virtual Reality Goes Mainstream

VR gaming has finally found a wider audience


Diego Guzman, Staff Writer

During the Christmas season of 2021, many people received an Oculus Quest 2. This VR gaming system was trending on Twitter for almost two days straight. Currently, VR as a platform is finally getting noticed by many more people, and it will only continue to rise in the years to come.

On Christmas Day, Oculus quickly became huge in the gaming industry. Now ten times more people are playing VR games than ever before. Facebook was overwhelmed by the purchases. The people who owned an Oculus Quest 2, and tried to get a replacement for a controller or a head strap, were pushed back by all the headset purchases. Christmas Day is when virtual reality skyrocketed.

The Oculus app on Apple immediately became number one on the app store. Oculus and virtual reality quickly began trending on Twitter. Many videos of children, teenagers and adults opening an Oculus Quest 2 were all over social media. This was amazing for the VR industry, since it will now gain much more attention and have many more innovative games than ever before.

Younger people who received an Oculus Quest have been placing the system on the heads of their parents or grandparents, and seeing their reaction to VR has been priceless. VR brings joy to people of all ages, and each video increases people’s motivation to buy an Oculus Quest 2. Even now after a few months, VR games are still at an all-time high on Steam and console charts.

Some of the VR games that have recently become most popular recently include The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners, Echo VR, and Blade and Sorcery. These games are unique, because they offer players freedom in gameplay. The best of these games is Blade and Sorcery, because you can add more to the game so you can do whatever you want.

A lot of gaming and console companies have witnessed this rise in VR, so they are now trying to develop their own stand-alone headsets to bring more competition to Valve. Many international companies are attempting to copy the Oculus Quest 2. Facebook has presented the idea of a VR metaverse, and a company in China presented a very similar same idea but in their own vision. 

Facebook is doing an amazing job of bringing virtual reality to a bigger audience. Thanks to them, VR has grown so much in just the last year, and with the new tech and other headsets being made, there is no question that virtual reality will become a massive force in the future. 

As of now, the Oculus Quest 2 is still the best VR headset on the market, although there are leaks of an Oculus Quest 3. I recommend you get an Oculus Quest 2 if you want to experience VR right now!

Stay virtual, Nitros!