Emilio Dulay Will Be Your Tutor!

Our GAME Club president is ready to help you!

Isaiah Galindo, Staff Writer

Emilio Dulay is a senior at Glendale High School. He is the president of the GAME Club and a captain on the GHS lacrosse team. His hobbies include playing lacrosse and video games, and hanging out with friends. 

Emilio created the GAME Club, which stands for Glendale Athletes Motivate and Educate. At the end of his junior year, he had heard of a sentiment going around campus, stating that athletes aren’t smart. So he decided to do something about it and create a club for the purpose of helping student athletes with their grades and homework. 

The biggest problem that Emilio and his club members face is outreach. Since it is a new club, not many people know about it. He hopes that more athletes will join and realize how much this club can benefit them. It will also help our Nitro athletes earn better grades and understand all of the information being thrown at them better.

Emilio says that the best part about being in this club is the people involved. For example, on Mondays during lunch he brings candy to meetings and they play Kahoot. This helps them build their community and it allows people to get to know each other more. 

Emilio thinks that the reward of being in this club is seeing the different perspectives of our GHS athletes, from those that are failing to those that are excelling. He believes that their club meetings can best help someone learn how much they can grow.

Emilio’s main goal for this club is to help student athletes with their grades, but to also teach them that school itself is also important. “If you are [just] hanging out with [your] friends, school isn’t the most important thing,” he said. “But if you regularly come to these meetings, you will start to realize that school is also important.” 

If you are interested in joining the GAME Club, their Instagram account is @glendaleathletes. They meet on Mondays during lunch and on Wednesdays during Period 7 in Rooms 4310 or 2329.