Samantha Songco Will Set the Scoreboard

The captain of the girls varsity volleyball team has brought another successful season to GHS


Isaiah Galindo, Staff Writer

Samantha Songco is a senior and the captain of the girls varsity volleyball team at Glendale High School. She was born in California and one of her hobbies is playing volleyball.

Samantha started playing volleyball in elementary school during her fifth grade year. She joined the team because she wanted to play a sport and make friends. She already liked volleyball, too, so it was an easy decision for her to make. 

Samantha was first chosen to be a captain one year ago by her coach, Janssen Elento. She enjoys being a captain, because it is fun but also hard. 

Samantha says that her favorite part about being a member of the volleyball team is the people involved. The coaches are really kind and they accept anyone. She said that you feel like a family there. She thinks that it was worth joining the volleyball team, because she has made a lot of friends and has a lot of fond memories.

Samantha says that the hardest part about being a captain is all the responsibility and pressure that are put on her. She also had a difficult time being respected by other teams. But she and her teammates were so thrilled to have new coaches, who are helping them to improve at everything in the sport. She also feels that she and her teammates are improving.

Samantha has seen a lot of improvement in the volleyball team from the previous years. She hopes that they keep improving and trying their best. She wants to tell younger athletes that “high school is where you have fun with your team and make meaningful memories.”

“Playing is fun but winning is better,” she said. “So always continue to be your best and to have some pride and prove everyone wrong.” If you are interested in joining next year’s girls volleyball team, please contact Coach Elento at [email protected].