Carnewal/Cuevas Cupcake Collaboration Was Cool!

GHS Culinary and Art programs decide to partner up for a lively project

Samantha Bordey, Staff Writer

Chef Cuevas and art teacher Ms. Carnewal collaborated to put their students to the test and to invigorate their imaginations. Art students in Ms. Carnewal’s class drew Halloween-themed cupcakes, and as an exchange, Chef Cuevas’ culinary students brought these 2D desserts to life.

 Our art students had to use their creativity in their designs, but our culinary students did as well, as they had to work with limited materials, such as a lack of piping tips and a smaller selection of colors. 

Another specific important aspect of this project was to bring back imagination and creativity. This goal was certainly fulfilled. Chef Cuevas said, “As you grow older you kind of tend to lose that imagination you had as a kid, so I wanted to relight that spark and have students think outside of the box.” 

Another exciting collaboration similar to this is in discussion! If you would like to join in on the fun with either the art program or the culinary program at GHS, please contact your counselor!