Cassandra Rabino Keeps Her Life in Tune

Our Music Club president hopes to bring harmony to GHS


Angela Ter-Martirosyan, Reviews Editor

Cassandra Rabino, a senior at Glendale High School, is our new president of Music Club, a group that welcomes all of the musicians of GHS. This club provides an environment where people can play music together and fundraise for the music department, which does not receive enough funding from the District. 

Cassandra started off learning to play the piano as a child. Her piano education was cut short when she moved to the Philippines for four years. There, her mother encouraged her love for music by putting her in violin lessons. In the sixth grade, she learned to play the bass, which she admits is her favorite instrument. 

Cassandra also plays tenor drums for our very own drumline, and she has even dabbled in playing the saxophone! She is a part of the music program here at GHS, participating in marching band, jazz band, and orchestra, while playing various instruments. 

As the music department at GHS is underfunded, Cassandra hopes to raise money to help improve the music program and ensure that all of our music students are getting the best experience possible. Music Club is famously known for its Valentine’s Day serenade fundraiser in February. During this time, people can pay club members to serenade someone, and they go to people’s classes and perform romantic music. 

Cassandra is incredibly passionate about music, which is what pushed her to become president of the Music Club. She admits that she “probably wouldn’t even want to go to school if I didn’t have any music stuff going on that day.”

Cassandra’s passion and commitment to music is very inspiring and admirable, and her club is an environment where musicians can come together, and learn and play music with one another. They can also help out with a worthy cause: keeping music alive and thriving at GHS. 

If you are interested in joining Music Club, please contact Ms. Rangel at [email protected]! You can also follow them on Instagram @nitromusicclub!