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Loki, Episodes 4 – 6

The introduction to the Multiverse

Welcome back! This is the second part of the Loki series review! Please click HERE for my take on Episodes 1-3!


Picking up from where we left off, Episode 4, “The Nexus Event”, starts off with Loki and Sylvie sitting on Lamentis-1, awaiting their inevitable deaths. Instead of being destroyed, however, they cause a Nexus Event so powerful that it stops the apocalypse, after which they are caught by the TVA. 

Mobius asks Ravonna about Hunter C-20 and how she is doing after Sylvie’s tricks. Ravonna first responds by saying that Hunter C-20 has gone insane, but she soon reveals that she went so mad that she died. Mobius, feeling betrayed by Loki’s disappearance, interrogates him, but Loki tries to convince Mobius that he is a variant and that the TVA has been lying to them all along. 

Mobius then steals Ravonna’s TemPad and looks into Hunter C-20’s files, where he learns that she had been in perfect sanity upon her return and was talking about how she had a life prior to working for the TVA. He also sees that Ravonna has known the truth all this time.

When Mobius finally confronts Ravonna about this betrayal, she prunes him. Ravonna takes Loki and Sylvie to the Time Keepers, and as a fight breaks out, the characters discover that the Time Keepers are fake, mindless androids. In the eventual struggle, Ravonna prunes Loki.

It is safe to say that this episode blew everyone’s minds! Are the TVA workers truly variants? The Time Keepers aren’t real? Who is behind the TVA? This episode was one of the most action-packed and plot-twist-filled of the series. 

Sylvie’s backstory is revealed, which makes her so much more human. A Loki-Sylvie romance is also hinted at, and at this point in the series, I am not too sure how to feel about it. On a separate note, if Ravonna knew that Hunter C-20 was not lying, does Ravonna know the truth about the TVA? She never sat right with me, especially with her snarky comments about Mobius’ curiosity. 

Moving on.

Episode 5, “Journey into Mystery” presents us with the Void, a place at the end of time where all pruned things are transferred before being destroyed. Loki wakes up surrounded by other Loki variants and tries to come up with a plan to return to the TVA and find out who is behind it all. 

Afterwards, Loki and his Variants reunite with Mobius and Sylvie, and they all devise a plan to get out of the Void. Sylvie suggests enchanting Alioth, the huge purple cloud monster that eats up space and matter, in order to find out the identity of the creator of the TVA. With the aid of Classic Loki (Richard E. Grant), Sylvie and Loki team up to enchant Alioth and break through him, into the mysterious Citadel.

Seeing the other Loki variants in the Void is so much fun. We get to see Classic Loki, Kid Loki, and even Alligator Loki, who honestly carries the humor in this episode. One of my favorite parts was when Sylvie and Loki are sitting on the hillside cuddled up under a blanket because they are “so cold”. The irony is in the fact that they are both frost giants, and by definition, frost giants do not get cold! The tension between these two at this point is absolutely unreal! It’s so funny however, to see these almighty villains struggling to express their feelings for each other. 

Another significant moment is when Classic Loki is distracting Alioth by literally creating a life-sized illusion of Asgard. This really shows the viewer just how powerful this Loki variant is, making him very admirable. Also that scene is just epic in general.

At the beginning of Episode 6, “For All Time, Always”, Loki and Sylvie finally enter the Citadel, which seems to be suspended in the middle of the universe, surrounded by the Sacred Timeline. The inside of the palace is impressive, covered with black and gold marble. Miss Minutes, a creepy TVA projection, greets them and says that “He Who Remains” is expecting them. 

Sylvie and Loki then meet this individual, or as marvel fans know him, Kang the Conqueror. The chatty and humorous mastermind tells them about the history of the TVA and how it is necessary to prevent a multiversal war. He then gives them two choices: either to take over his position as ruler of the TVA, or to kill him and unleash the parallel universes which he has been working so hard to destroy. 

Loki opts to believe Kang, although Sylvie has her doubts about him, since she hates the TVA for taking away people’s free will and for destroying billions of lives such as her own. The two variants share a moment, in which they kiss, but afterwards, Sylvie pushes Loki through a portal back into the TVA and kills Kang. 

This action unleashes millions of branches from the Scared Timeline, completely obliterating it. Once Loki tries to run for help in the TVA, he realizes that neither Mobius nor any of the other agents recognize who he is. Then when he looks at the place where the statues of the three TimeKeepers once stood, he only sees one statue…of Kang the Conqueror.

If any of the episodes in this series can be described as mind-boggling, it would be this one. First of all, the Citadel at The End of Time is such a mysterious and seemingly cold place. The rotation of the camera shows the full interior of it from all angles, and this truly enhances the experience. 

Next, the intro music at the beginning of this episode is different. Now the song “Time”, by Natalie Holt, has a creepier tone and no more ticking sounds, indicating that the proper flow of time has stopped. 

Kang’s character also throws me off, because he seems like such a lighthearted and humorous character, but in reality he is the person who has been watching over and crafting the Sacred Timeline for eons. He is a bit creepy in his own way, though.

The Sylvie and Loki kiss scene is very cute, but at the same time weird. Many people have said that Loki is basically being romantically involved with himself, which is odd. However, this relationship actually makes the perfect amount of sense. Loki, mischievous and narcissistic, will never truly love anyone other than himself. 

Afterwards, Sylvie killing Kang is such a huge blow, literally. In terms of the MCU, her unleashing the Multiverse is very exciting, but when it comes to the story itself, she has just created an infinite amount of problems for everyone around her. On the other hand, her actions make the series that much more interesting. 

Finally, the last bit about Mobius not recognizing Loki honestly feels like such a scary moment, because Mobius has been one of the only characters in the series that Loki could depend upon. But now, he does not know who Loki is. The fact that with one action, so much has changed, is very disturbing and intriguing at the same time.

Overall, Loki is an amazing addition to the MCU. This specific storyline is something that will now be a part of the Marvel movies for many years to come, and this is a great direction in which to take the MCU.

And if you like this series just as much as I did, then be sure to watch the other three Marvel miniseries: WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and What If…?!

About the Contributor
Kristina Kugaevskaya, Editor-in-Chief
Kristina is a senior at Glendale High School. She is the co-president of the Book Club and the Creative Writing Club, and she is the secretary of the Red Cross Club. In her spare time, she loves reading, baking, and going out into nature. In the future, she hopes to travel Europe and pursue a career in writing.
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