Dino Villalobos Goes Long for GHS Football

One of our current football captains has played for four years as a Nitro


Krislyn Ayala, Staff Writer

Dino Villalobos is a 17-year-old senior at Glendale High School and is currently a captain on the GHS varsity football team. Dino has been attending our school since freshman year. He was born in Pasadena, but he grew up in El Sereno in East LA. Some of Dino’s favorite hobbies are playing football, skating, and hanging out with his friends. 

Dino has been on the GHS varsity football team since he was a freshman. He currently plays two positions: wide receiver and safety. Dino has been playing football since he was a fourth grader and has continued to play since then.  

Dino works hard to accomplish his goals, especially in football. During his practices, he works hard, and he focuses not only on getting a touchdown but on winning for his team. He also sometimes gets injured during practice, but that doesn’t stop him from working his way up to the top. 

Dino wants to make football his career and hopes to play in the NFL one day. “I’m always working hard to reach my goals and dreams,” he said, “and being part of this team has really shown me I can do it and succeed.” 

Dino’s main focus right now is getting a football scholarship. He said, “I’m focusing on getting a scholarship as an athlete, because I know it will help me in the future.” 

Dino has also faced many challenges in his football career, including the feeling of disappointment when his team loses. “When the whole school tells me we suck, even though we try our best and we know we don’t suck, hearing those words hurts,” he admitted.  

Dino’s biggest inspiration in football is his parents. “My parents inspire me to work hard and I just want to make them proud,” he said. “I also think about them while I play football, because I know what I’m doing is also for them.” His goal as a player on the GHS football team is gaining a lot of yards and scoring whenever he can. 

We are proud and honored to have Dino Villalobos as a part of our football team and as a part of our school community. He has done a lot for his team, and he will continue to give it his all for them. Dino believes that this season will work out well, and everyone on the team will work hard to make sure of that. 

Come on out to the Homecoming Game this Friday, Nitros, and cheer on Dino and his teammates as they beat Hoover!