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Wingstop vs. Buffalo Wild Wings

Our resident food critic crowns the king of wings, once and for all

As I said in my previous article, I will be arguing which is the best place for wings in Glendale. Both Wingstop and Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) are notorious in their own ways. In order to decide which restaurant is the better of the two, I have sampled two flavors of their wings and their fries, and I will also be grading their take-out packaging. There is no bias here, since I like both locations and I love wings. May the best wing win, and I’ll do my best to not hurt any feelings. No promises made, though. 


The first thing you notice when you receive that box of wings and fries is how they have actually been put together. Wingstop has a high-quality paper bag, with designs and phrases that represent their franchise. The packaging itself includes individual boxes, with stickers indicating the flavors and sides that you have ordered.

BWW, on the other hand, brings the casual plastic bag with the Buffalo Wild Wings logo. The packaging is a little fancier, with a black box and similar stickers.

But Wingstop takes the win in this category, due to the more authentic and customer-satisfying experience. Winner: Wingstop

French Fries

Now, the most important aspect of the whole experience is the actual food. Both have their own unique style of french fries. Wingstop has a more traditional french fry, thick-cut and less seasoned, making the potato the star.

On the other hand, BWW french fries are completely different. Their fries are more thinly-cut and seasoned heavily, making it your standard french fry. But I would say it is obvious who has the better fry and it is B-Dubs. I get what Wingstop is trying to do with the thick cut french fries, but when you are enjoying wings, you want a savory and more tasteful food as a complement. Winner: BWW

Original Hot Wings

Now for the wings. With regards to the Original Hot at BWW, I have to say that I am very let down. I don’t know if they have too many flavors to handle, but they really forgot to add sauce to my wing order. I was brought a tasteless wing. The only thing that resembled any flavor was that the wings had a hint of red color to the crispy skin. Just one word: disappointment. 

Now with Wingstop, I would say that there is not much of a sauce but more of a flavor. They decided to have the flavor attached to the wing, rather than that sauce covering the wing. The flavor was good and the size of the wing was definitely filling. The clear winner here is Wingstop, since I was actually able to taste their Original Hot flavor. Winner: Wingstop

Lemon Pepper Wings

Last but not least, we will conclude our competition by reviewing both of their Lemon Pepper flavors, or the dry season flavoring. A lesser hot flavor of today is definitely still very flavorful. Wingstop continues with their satisfying wing size and the Lemon Pepper dry seasoning makes it that much better. You can taste every seasoning and the hint of lemon in each bite. It’s definitely an amazing wing.

By comparison, BWW’s Lemon Pepper wing is similar but just a few steps behind Wingstop. Their wing is a similar size but smaller, and the flavor is underwhelming. You can lighty taste the pepper itself, and the lemon is just barely there. So, Wingstop takes the win in their Lemon Pepper seasoning. Winner: Wingstop

Well, I think you all know who has won this competition. Wingstop is superior in the flavor of their wings, their size, and their packaging. Although BWW has exceptional flavor in their french fries, the fries are not the main star of the meal. The biggest blow that damaged B-Dubs’ rating is the missing Original Hot sauce in my order, which is definitely disappointing. 

But at the end of the day, both locations are phenomenal in their own ways. If I have hurt some feelings during this review, like I said, no promises were made.

Overall Winner: Wingstop

About the Contributor
Christian Reyes
Christian Reyes, Staff Writer
Christian is a senior at Glendale High School. He is a former Glendale basketball player and Cinematography student. He is an outgoing individual who enjoys listening to music and participating in physical activities.
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