John Calica Feels Honored to be a Part of NHS


Lauren Claire Avelino, Staff Writer

John Calica is a 17-year-old senior at Glendale High School and he is the club president for the National Honor Society. He was born in Los Angeles, California.  

At school, John is a part of the track team, participating in the hurdles event. He is also the vice-president of the STAR Club, a part of Stage Crew, and a baking fanatic.   

The National Honor Society (NHS) is a program that provides honor roll awards to seniors who have shown excellence in academics, community service and character throughout their high school career. It is also a way to sponsor the Pat Navolanic Memorial Award (PNMA), which John claims is the “most prestigious” award for seniors. 

The other cabinet members of NHS are vice president Arline Daniali, secretary Lily Armstrong, and treasurer Avery Medina, and they meet on the second Wednesday of every month. Currently, there are 36 NHS members, and 12 of them were recently added. Click here if you would like to meet them!

John shares that he has been a part of NHS since the second semester of his sophomore year. He says that he is honored to be a part of this program, because he has met a lot of “cool people” that he enjoys being around. 

For students who want to be a part of the National Honor Society, John recommends for you to “really get yourself out there.” Gaining leadership through community service and clubs is important for being accepted into this program. He also says that students shouldn’t slack off in school, should always make sure that they get their school work done, and “try to strive for that high GPA.”

John says that he would like to take part in something like NHS in the future after high school. He claims that being a part of a community like this is really nice and everyone is “very respectful to one another.” 

In ten years, John wants to see himself pursuing anesthesiology or toxicology. He aims to attend UCLA or UC Riverside, but if he gets the chance to go out-of-state, he would like to attend Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. 

If anyone is interested in being a part of the National Honor Society, please contact their program advisor Ms. Ciotti at [email protected]!