Gevork Bagratyan Introduces Coding Club to GHS


Angela Ter-Martirosyan, Staff Writer

Glendale High School senior and founder of the Coding Club, Gevork Bagratyan, is helping open up new opportunities for GHS students interested in coding. Through his new club, Gevork hopes to introduce students to coding and provide them with many resources to master in this field. 

Though he initially sought a career in the culinary arts a few years ago, Gevork ended up seeking something that he felt was “more challenging.” One day he picked up a Python for Kids book and began learning the Python programming language. The subject fascinated him so much that he taught himself other programming languages, such as C++ and C

However, learning coding all on his own was not exactly a walk in the park. When I was a complete beginner, I didn’t know where to start,” Gevork said. “The school didn’t offer anything. There were no clubs, no classes, nothing.” He established the Coding Club to “give back” to other students who were interested in the field but struggled with getting started, just as he had.

Gevork plans on sharing his knowledge of coding with his club members, but beyond that, he has many exciting activities planned for the club. There will be all sorts of projects involving website development, game development, and electrical engineering. There will also be club-wide competitions and game jams, where members will group up and work together on a game that adheres to a specific theme. 

Along with the many interesting activities that he has in store, Gevork would also like to ensure that the members, who are interested in pursuing a career in coding, have as many opportunities as possible. He’d like to introduce them to colleges and companies that provide good opportunities for this path.

Gevork is truly inspiring for encouraging students to pursue their interests, regardless of the little opportunity they may initially be given. Through his persistence and determination, he will certainly become an accomplished computer science engineer and the Coding Club, his legacy, will continue to help many students find their own path as he did. 

For more information on the Coding Club, please contact advisor, Ms. Manooki, at [email protected]. Get coding, Nitros!