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The News Website for Glendale High School


Keep Movie Night in the Gym!

Is a setting really that important? Yes, it is!

Movie Night at Glendale High School is an event where students come back to school during the evening to view iconic movies with their friends and fellow students. This event is traditionally held at Moyse Stadium, but on December 1, 2023, it was held in the large gym for the first time, due to the renovations on the football field. 

Some might assume that this change would leave a negative impact on attendees. However, students were much more enthusiastic and energetic during the event, and they ended up enjoying it even more, because it was held indoors. 

Viewing a film in an outdoor environment may seem very enticing, but the abundance of space may isolate some people in their movie-watching experience. This might lead to a disconnect while watching the movie, and the impact of important scenes might not hit as hard.

Even though Movie Night is a school event, most of the times I attended when it was on the football field, everyone was in their own little circles, so nobody really interacted with each other. Most people just stayed in their own group.

Look at how warm these poor ASB members are!

However, inside the gym, all the echoing voices, the warm environment, and the fact that the concession stands were right outside the gym, all made the experience way cozier. Especially with the cold weather outside, Movie Night was almost an entirely different experience than in years past.

During important or romantic scenes, the audience swooned and cheered together. Whatever the characters were feeling was echoed and reciprocated by the rest of the audience. During high moments, the crowd soared together, and at the low moments, the crowd tensed up as a group. 

The reason anyone goes to any movie theater is to feel together and to share the experience as a large group. This is what makes going to the movies so successful, so we should apply this idea to our own Movie Night event. Being inside the gym makes this a better experience overall, and it just makes sense to keep this event indoors.

Inside the gym we all had a warmer and more exciting experience, one that would not be the same back out on the football field. Movie Night should continue this way in the future, and luckily, this will be the case again this spring.

Check out our next Movie Night on March 1st! Tickets will be on sale soon!

About the Contributor
Marie Galleguillos, Staff Writer
Marie is a junior at Glendale High School. She is very friendly and outgoing, and she is interested in a variety of subjects, including movies, music, and especially psychology. Understanding the way people think is at the top of her curiosities. 
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