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The News Website for Glendale High School


Glendale Student Starts Party in Restroom, It Can’t Be Stopped

A satire by Marie Galleguillos
Victoria Pickering

On Wednesday, April 3rd 2024, a student went on a bathroom break and accidentally started a party that couldn’t be stopped. 

Glendale High School senior, Scarlett Smith, told her Physics teacher that she had an emergency and needed to use the restroom immediately. Upon arriving at the facility on the second floor of the 6000 Building, she met with her friend, senior Brittany Williams, and they began to dance to their new favorite song, “Bye” by Ariana Grande

As their dancing frenzy commenced, another student walked in. Junior Samantha Bryant was appalled by their choice of song and began playing her own favorite song, “Earfquake” by Tyler, The Creator

Soon afterwards, several more students entered the scene, adding their own favorite artists and genres to the mix, all dancing with their fellow classmates. In the boys’ restroom, they heard what was going on and began to start their own dance party, with each person dancing and singing their own songs. 

A student, who asked to remain anonymous, was there at the scene.. “I remember seeing movies and how fun parties seemed,” she said. “I wanted to take part in something like that, and now that I have, I can never go back.” As this interview was taking place, the student was unable to stop herself and began dancing on the spot. 

Eventually, three teachers were alerted to the scene and tried to stop the bathroom dance party. Students were called into the office and informed the staff that the party life is now a part of them, and they won’t be able to resist whenever the urge to dance arrives. 

The following day, in the 2000 Building, another party broke out. However, this time it was in a classroom. 

A Spanish teacher began playing music to help her students learn the language through song. This caused several students to jump up on their desks and start dancing. “My intention was to educate in a way that would be fun for my students, but I never wanted to feed into their partying ways,” the teacher admitted. “I undoubtedly regret everything that has happened because of this.”

Several parents have reported struggling to enjoy a normal family dinner, due to their children’s inability to sit and eat. Instead they began to sing and boogie instead. 

Scarlett Smith’s mother, Martha, has never seen anything like it. “I told Scarlett that she would have to figure out a way to eat and dance at once,” she said. “The mess made afterwards was astonishing. Never have I seen such a passionate partier, especially not in my own child.”  

As a response to this tragedy, staff members have devised an advisory presentation dedicated to suggesting therapy for the students affected by this “choreomania”. Many students are now attending after-school group therapies, trying to fight back against this terrible madness. A notable change has been added to the school schedule, as dance breaks are now held after the second class period of each day, giving students a 15-minute period for them to express themselves in a controlled manner. 

Scarlett Smith, for her part, vows never to incite such chaos on our campus in the future. “I won’t even listen to Ariana Grande again,” she added.

About the Contributor
Marie Galleguillos
Marie Galleguillos, Staff Writer
Marie is a junior at Glendale High School. She is very friendly and outgoing, and she is interested in a variety of subjects, including movies, music, and especially psychology. Understanding the way people think is at the top of her curiosities. 
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