Ms. Aivazi Tries Something Different at GHS


Davit Arakelian, Staff Writer

A new addition to Glendale High School is secretary, Sona Aivazi. She started working at GHS in March before COVID-19 took over. Ms. Aivazi has worked in education for 15 years, working at an elementary school and as an accounting clerk at the district office, before she came to Glendale High.

Ms. Aivazi wanted to try something different here at Glendale High School to see how it would be like to work in a high school with older kids and a completely different setup than in an elementary school. She also has a connection to our school, as her daughter, Erika, is a former Nitro and ASB Vice-President, who graduated in 2017.

Ms. Aivazi hopes that this pandemic we are experiencing as a community ends soon. She sees that the numbers for COVID-19 are declining in our community and people are becoming more and more conscious of what is going on around them. She is also playing her part in keeping others safe by quarantining and wearing masks when she goes out. 

Ms. Aivazi believes that we will be heading back to school  hopefully by the end of the year. Most importantly, she cares about every student’s safety and health. She would like to make Glendale High School a safer environment for children.

Ms. Aivazi believes that our generation of young people will lead our country in the way our Founding Fathers intended. She still considers that the United States is the best democracy and the best place to follow your dreams and goals.

Ms. Aivazi’s goal is to stay at GHS for a long time and be a part of the family our community provides. She took the position of secretary to replace Leslie Galban, who passed away earlier this year. She plans to continue working on Mr. Galban’s various projects.

Ms. Aivazi feels great about the future and she hopes to make the maximum change and improvement in Glendale High School. Since she is still adjusting to our school’s rules and regulations, she is trying to figure out a way that she can change our school for the better. She hopes for all of us to get back to school as soon as possible so that everything can get back to normal. 

Ms. Aivazi is very excited about her new position at GHS, and she is definitely a great fit for this job. We are very lucky to have her!