Cassidy Jolie Azores Wins MESA Think Tank Competition


Davit Arakelian, Staff Writer

MESA Club is a program that is usually found at most high schools. MESA stands for Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement, and every year our club members compete against other schools for Regionals. Our MESA Club is very beneficial for students and a good experience for them.

Cassidy Jolie Azores is a key member of the MESA Club at Glendale High School. She has been in MESA for 5 years already, and she doesn’t expect to quit anytime soon. 

According to MESA Club advisor, Ms. Staci Thompson, “Cassidy placed first in the MESA Think Tank Competition at the MESA Day Prelims held at Cal State LA (virtually) on March 6, 2021.” This allowed Cassidy “to compete in the Regional competition on April 10 where she represented the CSULA Mesa Center and competed against winners from the CSULB, UCLA and USC MESA Centers.” She also placed first in the regional competition, which is called MESA Day 2021.

Through all of this, Cassidy has learned a lot about STEM, which is one of the main focuses of MESA. She gets access into all of that education just because of her position. 

In MESA Club, they have monthly club meetings where they can meet and talk to college professors and other students for more information. Most importantly, every March there is a MESA competition, where students from all over California build or engineer something for the competition. 

The next MESA competitions will take place next February, but that will be determined by COVID-19 guidelines and regulations.

MESA is an awesome club and recommended to anyone who is interested in engineering and science. It is a very great opportunity for students to learn more about these interesting subjects that they can use for their future. 

For more information about MESA Club, please contact Ms. Thompson at [email protected].