The long-running TV series comes to an end. Is it worth binging?


Davit Arakelian, Staff Writer

Supernatural is an occult fiction TV show that first aired on September 13, 2005. The show started off with the two main characters, Sam and Dean, reuniting while Sam was still attending Stafford University. The whole show revolves around real stories, but with its own twist. Supernatural has a total of 15 seasons, with 22 episodes each. It is a very long show but definitely worth the watch. To anyone who is curious about watching this show, I would highly recommend that you give it a try.

In Supernatural, Sam and Dean are brothers who go hunt monsters that are a threat to society. The show makes constant references to real-life stories and urban legends. 

The backstory for Sam and Dean is that they have been hunting these monsters for their whole lives. Older brother Dean starts with a normal childhood, until his little brother is possessed by a demon. The demon, who possesses Sam, kills their mother Mary right in front of them, and then proceeds to burn down their house. Mary’s death is what causes John, Sam and Dean’s father to start hunting monsters. John is specifically hunting for the demon who had killed his wife.

There are multiple cases where one of the main characters dies. Then someone sacrifices their life by making a deal with the Devil, so they will take their place as the dead and go immediately to Hell. But this show isn’t only about hunting monsters; it’s about saving the whole world and about two brothers who love each other so much they are willing to sacrifice their lives for the greater good. Throughout the show, angels start appearing to help Sam and Dean. They are the saviors of the world.

Supernatural also has an amazing ending that aired last November, so anyone who is willing to watch it to the end will be greatly rewarded. So if you like fantasy-style shows, then this is exactly what you should watch next! This show definitely earns the name Supernatural!