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The News Website for Glendale High School


The News Website for Glendale High School


Quan Tran Leads the Way for Glendale Volleyball

Sophomore captain has a bright future on the varsity squad
Quan Tran (center) celebrates with his teammates, after a second-place finish at a volleyball tournament in Monrovia.

Boys varsity volleyball co-captain Quan Tran, along with his teammates, has finished up another great season for our Glendale High School team. Quan is a sophomore at GHS and has attended our school for the past two years. 

Quan was born in Glendale, but his family moved a few times before coming back and settling in our city. His hobbies include listening to music, running, and playing other sports. He competed on the GHS track team last year as well. 

Quan’s inspiration for playing volleyball at Glendale came from our coach Marji Keyfauver. “Since I was in sixth grade, our coach always wanted me to play volleyball. I never really tried volleyball until the summer after eighth grade [when] I went to the GHS practices,” Quan said.

Quan and his teammates follow a routine every day during practice. “We warm up with a couple laps around the court and dynamic stretching,” he said. “Then we practice with [the] basics of the game first, before we get into specific drills we have for that day.”

Quan’s favorite part about being a part of the volleyball team is that he and his teammates are all so close with each other. “You meet a lot of people,” he said. “Both our boys and girls volleyball teams are really tight, and it’s nice to have that community.”

Quan thinks that all Nitro students should join the volleyball team because “it’s a very fun sport.” He added, “We get really into it, and it helps to clear your mind.” In order to play on to the team, you need to do a conditioning tryout, and a skills tryout, to test your ability in volleyball.         

Quan believes that GHS volleyball has a bright future. “We have a really good coach,” he said. “She helped bring our team up to help us compete against the top competition in our league.” 

The GHS volleyball team hasn’t done well in the recent past. However, in the last few seasons, things are starting to flip! So if you want to join the boys volleyball team, you can contact Marji Keyfauver at [email protected], or you can DM the team on Instagram: @nitroboysvolleyball.

About the Contributor
Alexander Shirvanian, Staff Writer
Alex is a junior at Glendale High School. He plays varsity football for the Glendale Nitros, and he works at In N Out. Alex loves playing cards and enjoys running and exercising.
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