Ms. Leon Is a New Face at GHS

Our new Equity, Access and Family Engagement clerk is happy to be here!


Alexander Shirvanian, Staff Writer

Glendale High School welcomes a new staff member, entering her first year at our school. Ms. Krystal Leon, the new clerk for the GHS Equity, Access and Family Engagement Office, has gotten a warm welcome here so far.

Ms. Leon was born in West Covina in 1989, and she attended Workman High School and graduated from Mount San Antonio College. Before going into education, she worked as an accountant at Stater Brothers.

Ms. Leon has enjoyed her time here at GHS so far. “It’s welcoming, enjoyable and engaging,” she said. “Everyone has been nice and welcoming. I enjoy helping and supporting the students, teachers and parents. I am excited to see what the future holds for me.”

As an Equity, Access and Family Engagement clerk, Ms. Leon handles our school’s categorical funds and makes sure that the money is spent only on things that are needed. “I’ve always wanted to work for the [Glendale Unified School] District,” she said. “Some of my family works for the District. I am happy to work here and for the opportunity.”

When Ms.Leon is not on our campus, she is either at her daughter’s sports practices or games. She likes to watch Dodger games, and she also enjoys snowboarding, hiking and traveling. “I am an adventurous person, and I’m always willing to try new things,” she said. 

Someone who inspired her throughout her life would be her uncle. “He would tell me to do well in school and inspired me to achieve my goals in life,” she said.

Although Ms. Leon has only been here for a few months, she feels good about her future here at Glendale High School, and in the long run, she hopes to climb the ranks at our school. She loves the students here and hopes for a good future here at GHS.

If you are ever in the counseling office, please make sure to say hello!