Do You Wanna Build a Backpack with Emily Petrossian?

Build-A-Backpack Club President wants to help children in her community.


Kristina Kugaevskaya, Editor-in-Chief

Senior Emily Petrossian was born and raised in Glendale, California. She is currently serving as the ASB Director of Rallies, she is a member of the Hunger Heroes Club, and she is the founder and president of the Build-A-Backpack Club. In her free time, Emily enjoys hanging out with her friends and hopes to start volunteering at a hospital soon.

The purpose of the Build-A-Backpack Club is fundraising to donate school supplies for children. Emily started this club in September of 2022 because she thought that, amidst the many fundraising clubs at GHS, there wasn’t one dedicated to helping elementary school students in need.

Apart from having a fundraiser every month, Emily hopes that her club members can visit some tutoring centers and elementary schools in the Glendale community. They plan to make in-person donations and also read books to the children at those sites.

Emily wants to donate as many school supplies as possible to different educational organizations, in order to make a change in the lives of young people. She is hopeful that more people in the community will get involved in the club and participate in its activities.

According to Emily, one of the challenges that the club might face is coming up with fundraising ideas. Many clubs on the GHS campus have taken certain fundraising ideas as their own, so it is “kind of difficult to find original fundraising ideas that people will be interested in.”

Emily says that all students should join the Build-A-Backpack Club because it is a great way to give back to their community. “We have all witnessed students in elementary school who had [fewer] supplies than everyone else,” Emily says. “Our club aims to help those children.”

After high school, Emily wants to pursue a major in the medical field, in order to become a dentist. If you are interested in joining the Build-A-Backpack Club, text the Remind code @ghsbuild23 to 81010, or email Ms. Zakarian at [email protected].

Let’s help some kids, Nitros!