Angela Krikorian Is Dedicated to the Class of 2023

Our Senior Class President’s goal is to offer her class an outstanding senior year

Kristina Kugaevskaya, Editor-in-Chief

Angela Krikorian, born and raised in Glendale, California, is the current Senior Class President. Besides this position, she is also vice president of the Build-A-Backpack Club and a part of the girls varsity soccer team. Angela also plays soccer outside of school in AYSO, and she volunteers in law enforcement programs and hospitals.

Angela first joined the GHS ASB her sophomore year as a Class Publicist, because she had previously been involved in her middle school ASB for all three years and wanted to expand that experience in high school. “I like public speaking,” she said. “I am very much an extrovert, so I think I fit in [with the ASB environment].” 

However, being a class publicist did not suit Angela very well. She felt limited by the position since she was not able to build connections with other ASB officers and could not showcase her qualities as a leader. Because of this, she decided to run for Class President during her junior year.

Angela was successful in her campaign, and she is now serving as Class President her senior year as well. Some of her responsibilities include, but are definitely not limited to, organizing and leading weekly class council meetings, researching fundraisers, and making sure that all other class officers are on track with their own duties. Angela also takes note of the class councils at other schools, in order “to see if any of their ideas might be useful for our senior class.”

Angela’s favorite thing about being Class President is creating a family out of the senior class. “Getting everyone involved makes me feel accomplished like I have an impact on the people around me,” she stated. 

The biggest struggle Angela faces is that the position can sometimes become overwhelming. Between all the school events, all the meetings, and all her responsibilities outside of school, it can get a little tiring. However, Angela loves her position and has learned to manage the occasional stress.

In years past, it has been a GHS tradition that the junior class president takes on the role of ASB President during their senior year. This year, however, Angela decided to remain as senior class president, and Melinda Khechumyan took on the role of ASB President instead. 

Angela explained that she chose to finish her high school career as Class President because she wanted to focus on the interests of the Class of 2023, rather than oversee all four classes as ASB President. “I already know how the senior class works,” she said, “and I want all the work that I put in to be towards making our senior year the best year possible.”

In the future, Angela hopes to work for the Glendale Police Department. However, if that does not end up happening, she wants to become a nurse. Clearly, Angela loves working with other people and taking on significant responsibilities.

Angela hopes that all seniors take advantage of, and get involved in, all of the special activities that are being planned this year by ASB, such as rallies, games, and dances. She and her hard-working team are putting in a lot of effort in order to make this year as memorable as possible for the Class of 2023.

Keep calm, ‘cuz we’re gonna graduate, seniors!