Lanz Cordovilla Swishes His Way through Senior Year

Varsity basketball captain thrives by leading his teammates


Jonathan Bermudez, Staff Writer

Lanz Cordovilla is a 17-year-old senior attending Glendale High School, and he is a captain of the GHS varsity basketball team. Lanz was born in the Philippines and has been living in Glendale for six years. He enjoys playing basketball, watching movies, and working on cars.

How did you first get involved in playing basketball?

Basketball has always been my passion. For the past six years, I have played with the same guys and a coaching staff that encourages me to better myself in the sport. I will continue to push myself, knowing that I have the coaching staff and teammates supporting me.

What happens during team practices?

During our team practices, we compete, [and] our team is super competitive. We joke around with each other and make the most fun out of all practices. We practice at the same intensity as if we were playing a game. We bond, making our chemistry stronger.

What is your favorite part about being a member of the basketball team?

My favorite part of being in this team is knowing that we are family. Since I was a freshman, I have felt like family, and as a senior, I make sure I do my part to treat everyone like family. I also love the bonds I have made.

How and why did you become captain of the basketball team?

My coach tells me I became captain, because I’m a true leader. I keep the team together, [I set] things straight when something goes wrong, and I am a good example. I also think it’s because of the hard work I put in and my need to win. I push my teammates to their highest potential, knowing it will always benefit our team.

What is one of your proudest accomplishments as a part of this team?

An accomplishment we earned was making [it to the] semi-finals of the San Gabriel Tournament. The teams there were really good, and we were looked at as the underdogs, and [we] still made semis. That day is one [that] I will not forget. That was probably a top accomplishment in my eyes.

What hopes do you have for the future of this program?

This season is a rebuilding [year], with most of our players being young. My hope is that, as [it is] my last year, I will be able to teach them a few things so they can be ready for the future seasons ahead of them. I also hope that we stay as a team that fights for wins.

Lanz and his teammates are proud of all that they have overcome and accomplished this season! If you are interested in joining next year’s boys basketball team, please contact Coach Belou at [email protected]!