Ms. Britt Creates a Stronger Community at GHS

New Glendale High teacher wants to help her students improve in English


Lauren Claire Avelino, Editor-In-Chief

Ms. Courtney Britt is one of the newest English teachers at Glendale High School, and she teaches 9th and 12th grade. She is of Italian descent and was born in Pasadena, California. She currently lives in Azusa, and she loves scrapbooking, being outdoors, cooking and baking, and listening to stories on Audible.   

When Ms. Britt was younger, she went to Loma Alta Elementary School and graduated from Azusa High School. For college, she attended the University of La Verne, where she got her bachelor’s degree in English and her Master’s degree in Teaching. 

Before coming to GHS, Ms. Britt taught at Kaiser High School in Fontana, California for a year. Now that she is a part of our school, she expresses that she really likes the students here and that she is always “so excited to come to class every day.” Ms. Britt is still trying to get to know GHS a bit more, but she finds that “it’s a really beautiful campus.” 

Ms. Britt decided to become an English teacher because she had a passion for reading and writing. She wanted to be able to inspire students who “felt like they couldn’t do those things” and help them improve in those abilities. In college, English was also the course that she was most interested in amongst any other subject.

This school year, one of Ms. Britt’s goals is to build stronger connections with her students. During distance learning, she felt like “we didn’t really get to know one another,” because we had to do school online. Now that students are back in the classroom, Ms. Britt wants to make sure that she gets to know her students even more.

A piece of advice that Ms. Britt would like to give to students, to help them stay motivated throughout this year, is to remember that “something is always better than nothing.” She says that sometimes, students don’t always have a 100% of their best effort to give to everything that they do, but showing up with some type of effort “is better than not trying at all.”

Looking into the future, Ms. Britt is excited about being in her classroom and she wants “to focus on becoming the best teacher that I can be.” In a couple of years from now, she eventually wants to go back to school and earn another Master’s degree to focus on becoming an academic counselor. One day, Ms. Britt also hopes to have her own family and continue to be happy with whatever she does for the rest of her life.